Who Comes To Jesus?

But as I told you, you have seen me and still you do not believe.  All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.  John 6:36-37 (NIV)

Is there a difference in becoming a Christian and coming to Christ?  Can we make a commitment, leave a world of sinful acts, start living as a believer, and yet not really have made any effort to come to Jesus?  Is it possible to leave behind a busy work-week and go into church each week without truly approaching the Lord?  Could we go through the motions for years of being an upstanding and model Christian without ever letting go of our pride?  Could we sing all the songs faithfully each week and never let those words sink under our skin?  Could we bow our heads to pray and say all kinds of flowery praises to God, but never truly know His Son.  Could we forget that there actually is Someone listening attentively to what we are saying? Could we fail to understand that He is painfully aware of all we think and do?  Could we go about our daily lives thinking that we hold the reins?  Do we think we are the ones steering our course?  Could we be oblivious even today of the forces which pull our hearts, our attention and our time in any other way than towards the Lord?

We are reading of what Jesus has to say about such matters.  He is approached by some who are not getting the point.  These poor people get hung up on matters like bread.  They stop short of knowing Jesus because they are too focused on the physical world where they live.  They are not digesting His words.  Their hearts are far from open to Him.  They are not willing to let Him fill them with Heavenly Truth.  They don´t really seem to want to come to Jesus. They are not letting Him be their Saviour and Friend.  They are standing right where He is.  They are hearing His words.  But the blessing of being with Jesus is lost unto them.  What about us?

We are privileged enough to have heard.  We still have the opportunity to come to know Jesus.  We have His instruction.  We can hear His call.  We can turn to Him today.  Are we going to let it be said of us that we were there, that we saw Him too and we still didn´t get it?  Are we going to lose the chance to truly come to Christ?  Will we hold back on fine and convincing doctrines?  Or will we press forward in our quest to know Him?  Will we be content with a picture perfect Christian life?  Or will we refuse to rest until we break into His Presence?  Will we be the ones that the Father gives to His Son?  Will we be the ones who will truly place ourselves before Him today?  If we truly come to Jesus, will He ever drive us away?

Dear Jesus, we have heard of the wonderful blessing of coming to You.  Please open us to all that this could mean for us!  Let us know what wonder, what joy is in store for those who would come to You!  We want to know You personally!  We want to walk with You today!  We want to actually hear Your words resounding off our hearts!  We want our souls to soar with the thrill of being in Your Presence!  Give us this joy today!  Overwhelm us with the knowledge of You!  Amaze us with Your splendor, Your wisdom and Your might!  When You whisper to our souls to come, let us drop everything and come running to know You now!


S.D. Wonenberg

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