What God Wants

And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all that he has given me, but raise them up at the last day.  John 6:39 (NIV)



Are there a lot of experts who are eager to tell us what God wants?  Are there many who have spent years studying all that can be found on the subject and now they are ready to fill our heads with their wealth of knowledge?  Do they jump at every chance?  Are their voices loud and forceful?  As convincing as they may seem, do we get the sensation when we read or hear them that their knowledge is coming through personal experience?  Can we see clearly that they have knelt trembling in God´s very Presence?  Or is it easier to see the mountains of material and the hours of preparation they have made in their education and career? What is the overwhelming quality that will give away the true leaning of their hearts?

Here before us we have a different kind of Expert.  Jesus is teaching.  He tells us in quiet authority.  He speaks of experience.  He confides to us of the One Who sent Him.  What does He say?  Is it different than the load of theory that was handed to us?  Is it more direct and more sincere that piles of doctrine?  Is it above rituals, systematic approach and flowery religious jargon?  Does it point us straight to God?  Does it place us at His feet?  Does the explanation Jesus gives of what God wants, bring each of us personally to the Father?  Instead of looking to each other for confirmation and approval, does Christ´s teaching place us as children with open arms to enter the warm embrace of our Heavenly Father?  Is this what Jesus is saying?  Could this be what God wants?

Could it be that much of our time and effort is wasted on trying to convince each other on our interpretations?  Are most of our endeavors directed to something short of being there in God´s embrace in living experience?  Could it be time for us to break this habit we have of removing the personal quality of God?  Could we look above our issues and start to focus upon Him?  Could we try to see Him as this great, caring Father that does not want to lose any one of us?  Could we see that He is concerned about us and would not lose one precious moment with us?  The study and encouragement of the rest of the experts will pay off for us only if we are able to use what they press upon us and bring ourselves personally closer to the Lord.  Is this what Jesus would have us know?  Is this why He was sent?  Could God be forever attempting to bring us all together in reality?  Is it closeness and true bonding which He desires?  What do we think He wants from us today?  Is it our money?  Is it our flattery?  Or is it our hearts in intimate communion with His?  What does God really want from us right now?

Dear Lord, we approach You today.  But we do not want to come for what You can do for us.  We come to You now because You want us to come!  We come to You because You have told us You love us!  We come because You want us to be together!  We want to experience this Love!  We want to feel Your embrace!  We want to be with You!  We want this because it is what You want!  Please help our fallen natures to not fix themselves on anything less.  Please help us to make You happy by coming not for what we can gain for selfish reasons, but for knowing that we are doing what You want us to do!  Raise us up Jesus, on that last day because what God wanted was not lost on us!  Let us want what God wants.  Let us want to be together now and forevermore!


S.D. Wonenberg

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