Stop Grumbling!

They said, “Is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How can he now say, ‘I came down from heaven’?” “Stop grumbling among yourselves,” Jesus answered.  John 6:42-43 (NIV)


There are many things that we must stretch our understandings to try and comprehend.  When it comes to Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit, how can we even try to embrace even the smallest bit of awareness?  Must we rely heavily upon our hope?  Is more than an aggressive faith what we all must pray for to even attempt considering the Almighty?  When we get together do we resort each one to offering up our own cultivated opinions?  Do these interpretations and impressions we have often differ sharply from those of the next guy?  Do we often feel we need to press harder so that the other person will come to see our version?  Do we often think our understanding is the clearer one?  Do we even get upset sometimes when the other person just will not see our point of view?

To all our grumbling Jesus says “Stop!”  He was noticing how the Jews grumbled amongst themselves over the difficulties of opening themselves to what He had to say.  Jesus speaks of Heavenly issues.  People see earthly ones.  We strain to try and comprehend.  We ask each other just how it could possibly be.  Are we right when we say that from our knowledge of this world and how it works, most of what Jesus says is impossible?  How can we count on spirits, souls and celestial workings if we have never seen any of it?  If we compare Jesus´ words to what we see around us, will we always come up short?  Do we lack the insight into Divine dealings?  Is it just too much to take if we cannot lift our eyes above our earthly thinking?  Is it any wonder that we grumble?  Is Jesus asking a lot from us to stop all that and simply believe?

If we are honest, then perhaps we can justify the complaints and the improbabilities of God.  But is this where faith comes into play?  When we can admit the weight of the argument is this where we can choose to believe?  When all our earthly facts stack up against the Word of God, is this when our hope becomes essential?  Could this be what God is looking for in us?  Ever since the dawn of our existence, has the Lord been looking for those who would look to Him even though the world around us would do everything to prevent it?  Men will have their arguments.  We cannot stop them.  But we can choose not to join them.  We can choose to stop our grumbling.  We can choose not to press our issues over theirs.  We can actually start listening to Jesus.  We can stop running the show and start following.  We can work first on our closeness to the Lord.  He will see to whatever else needs to be done.  He is the Saviour of all mankind!  He is not resting!  He is at work right now!  Is He speaking to us?  Is He directing Himself and His words to us and our situation now?  Does He know what He is talking about?  Can we stop our grumbling long enough to hear where He would have us set our hearts on today?

Dear Jesus, You encourage.  You command.  You ask us to stop our doubting, our quarreling and our grumbling.  You ask us to open our ears.  You ask us to open our hearts.  You ask us to open ourselves to Your immanent Presence.  Please help Your words to sink past our limited sight.  Let us begin to set the gaze of our soul upon You.  When everything inside of us is turned to You, we will not need our personal agendas.  We can feed directly from our closeness to You.  We will know where to look, where to love, where to place Your emphasis.  We ask You to help us stop all our grumbling.  Make us into believers, followers and servants who hear the voice of our Master!


S.D. Wonenberg

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