Can´t Come To Jesus?

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day.’ John 6:44 (NIV)


To those who take the Bible seriously, does Jesus give a big condition to meet?  Is there one thing described here that must first be met?  Is it necessary to have this first if we would like to travel up the road that leads to knowing Jesus?  Is it a crucial element?  Or do we think we could overlook it?

Jesus states in bold words that before anyone could possibly accept or receive anything of Him, the Father Who Sent Him must first draw them.  Does this seem like a work of God?  Is the Master Designer laying some kind of groundwork?  Is He instigating?  Is He using His foresight to prepare?  Could it be us that fit into His plans?  Can we sense His concern for His children?  Is it beautiful to know that God is behind everything?  Is it a warm and secure feeling that we get to know God loves us and moves us to seek His Son to bring us all together?

As beautiful as they seem, do Jesus´ words also cut like a double-edged sword?  At the same time as endearing us to the Lord, do these words also leave our hidden intentions exposed?  If God the Father Is drawing us to come to Jesus, where do we stand?  If He has moved us to seek His Son, then are we now as close to Christ as we should be?  God Is God!  He Is forever calling us!  He is forever doing what He can to give us that impulse that would draw us together!  So what are we doing about it?  God makes the first move!  Have we felt it?  If it is not a strong and overwhelming sensation welling up inside of us, should we throw the blame on Him?  Has He not given us sufficient evidence of His work, His planning and His care?  Has He not shown us in so many ways that He is reaching out for us?  If we are not firmly and consciously planted within His Presence today, would our distance be a sign of how we are responding to His overtures?  Could we be the ones who fail to sense the urgency?  Is it us who are dropping the ball?

God has moved!  He has made the first move!  He has done so much!  He sent us His own Son!  He Is still working now!  Can we hear Him?  Can we feel His gentle nudge?  Have we sensed His encouragement?  No one can come to Jesus but those who God draws.  It Is His nature!  He is doing it right now!  How will we respond today?  Do we want to be one of those who can´t come to Jesus?  Whose fault will that be?

Dear Father in Heaven, there are many who will decline turning to Your Son.  We live in an age where we hate to accept responsibility.  But You are calling.  You urge us to come to Jesus.  We may be few, but we have sensed Your movement.  We would come as You draw us close!  Enable us!  Let us sense the urgency!  Let us drop everything to respond to Your movement in our hearts!  Let us be drawn nearer to Jesus now!  Let us feed from Him!  Let His love, His nature, His dedication to You enter us as well!  Let it be said of us today that we sensed Your movement and responded to it!  Let us be those who can and do truly come to Your Son!  Help us do that now, we pray!


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