Ones Who Listen

‘It is written in the Prophets: ‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from him comes to me.’  John 6:45 (NIV)


Does the Son of God have an amazing Way of cutting past all the trivial and getting to the bottom line?  He speaks of mankind in relation to God.  As He tells of those included with the Father, is He also excluding at the same time all those who are not mentioned?  Is there a vital lesson to be learned?  Jesus states that all have been taught to some extent by God.  Does that include everyone?  Do the words “everyone who” leave room for a blessed few?  Who are those few?

Jesus says the blessed ones are those who listen to God and learn from Him.  What factors are necessary to accomplish this?  Can we assume that we are talking about people who are open to Something?  If so, then just what are we talking about opening ourselves to?  Should we be open to the latest trends in our religious circles?  Should we open our ears to the popular speakers of our times?  Should we actively seek to know all the religious jargon, and just how to use it?   Should we be receptive to attending another meeting or religious function?  Or are we talking about something deeper?  Is there something greater that draws us and directs us as we journey closer to God?

Could listening and learning be accomplished by souls that are open to receive God?   Is it possible that listening can be done by the heart?  When our soul realizes that God is reaching out to us, is it a positive reaction on our part?  Is it receptivity?  Is it an affinity for what we are experiencing of Him?  Is it taking note that something is happening between the Father above and us personally?  Is it a state of being where we actually realize His existence and make an effort to embrace it?  Do we actually choose to enter this exchange of sentiment and care?  Do we go on to seek more of Him?  Do we cultivate our growing desire?  Do we fan the tiniest spark and pray that it will grow into a flame burning for our God?  Does this receptivity drive us to want more and more as we learn?  Do we actually want to hear His voice?  Is this what it means to be one who listens and learns?

The blessing follows the correct response.  When what was needed is attained, the reward will surely come.  All have heard from God.  Some have listened.  Some have learned.  And those who cared to follow through will have the great joy of coming to the Son!  Are these the ones who come in all honesty to Jesus?  Are these the ones who will know Him personally?  Is this what we want?  Did we find our Way?  From what He is telling us now, do we know where we can start if we want to get there?  Who are the ones who really want to know the Savior?  Is it going to be us?  Shall we seek to take the steps?  Will we draw near to God today?  Will we open ourselves to hear God´s voice?  Will we look to see where He is moving now?  Will we be the ones who pull up a chair and strain our inner ears to listen to the Father´s instruction?  What will we learn today?  Will we receive the promised Prize?  Will we truly come to Jesus?

Dear God, we have heard.  Something within us has opened to You.  We want to work along with Your Holy Spirit.  We want to be receivers of the Prize.  We want to receive Your Son.  We want to be Your children.  Let us hear what You are teaching us now!  Let Your words ring in our ears!  Let us be moved!  Fan our tiny spark of love and dedication to You into a fire raging out of control inside our hearts!  When we have learned to listen, to learn of You, then give us the greatest gift of all!  Give us Your Son!


by S.D.Wonenberg

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