The One

No one has seen the Father except the one who is from God; only he has seen the Father.  I tell you the truth, he who believes has everlasting life.  John 6:46-47 (NIV)


Who was sent from Heaven above?  Who was chosen of God to be the One?  Who was given a strange and difficult mission?  Who was to be the voice that would share God´s good will towards us to the world?  Who taught us with the authority of God?  Who shared with us the Father´s thoughts and wishes?  Who was the lamb that was to be slain?  Who laid down His life to provide us a Way?  Who encourages us past the pitfalls we encounter here on earth?  Who spoke faithfully and pointed always to God?  Who lived a perfect example of how to live looking only to God?  Who has seen God?  Could it be Jesus?  What is ringing in our ears as we hear of Him?  What wells up within our souls when we consider Him?  Is Jesus the One?  Do we want Him to Be?  Is He the One for us?

Here on planet earth we go about our lives.  Even Christians contemplate God only part of the time.  Our nature is to look to ourselves.  We follow our own desires.  We look to fulfill our duties and provide for our conceived necessities.  But when confronted with the issue of Jesus, do we find a drastic shift?  All of a sudden, at the mention of Christ, do we have to decide where we will place Him?  What will we do with Him?  What do we believe about Him?  How important will He be for us in our lives?  How important is He to us now?

If we could see God literally right now, all the pieces of our lives would come together.  Faith would be no problem because we have finally seen what we have set our hopes upon.  Giving proper importance and urgency to Him and what He wants would take no effort either.  As we grow in faith from the first notion of God these issues begin to take form within us.  The closer we become to God the fuller we begin to see Him.  But there Was and Is One Who speaks to us of the Father.  There is One Who has seen God!  There is One Who personally testifies to us of all that God wants us to know about Him.

So when it comes to where we stand with Jesus, will we let Him be that One?  Do we want to draw near to the One Who was sent?  Do we want to know the One Who has seen?  Do we want to know the One Who sacrificed?  Do we want to know the One Who loved us so?  Will Jesus be the One for us?  Will He be the One we look to today?  Could we embrace the thought that He Was the One Who came to us from God?  Will He be the One we believe in now?

Dear Jesus, we want to believe that You are the One.  We want to come to know You now.  We want to rise from a nominal belief to the blessed assurance that comes from personal encounter.  We want You to be the only One for us!  We want You to be the One we look to for everything!  You came to save us by giving Your life for us.  Now be the One that comes into our hearts today!  Be the One Who whispers to us the mysteries of God!  Be the One for us that holds our hand!  Be the One Who guides us safely Home to the Father!  Be the One for us we pray!


By S.D Wonenberg

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