Flesh And Blood

‘Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.’  John 6:53 (NIV)


Jesus begins to lose friends quickly.  He starts talking about things that men cannot accept.  He starts talking about eating His flesh and drinking His blood.  The worldly-minded person just cannot stomach this.  We can´t get our head around it!  It´s too much to take in!  It´s more than we can sink our teeth into!  Eating Jesus´ flesh?  Drinking His blood?  What are we?  Are we cannibals?

For sure today we are more refined.  We can easily see that His words refer to something other than sitting down to a plateful at the table.  We don´t have to picture ourselves toasting with a goblet filled with blood.  Hopefully what we can see is Something of Him needs to get into us.  Can we see that it must enter us?  Is it Something that we will need to try to swallow?  Is it Something we should digest?  Will it become a very part of us?  Will it run through our veins?  Will it reach every part of our being?

Jesus says that unless we are able to partake in this spiritual meal, then no promised life will follow.  This is a pretty big threat.  We all strive for something.  We all want to live.  But if we cannot get Jesus to enter into us, then is He saying we are not truly alive?  Are we like zombies in a way?  Are we wandering around without purpose?  Are we haunted souls?

If we use earthly comparisons does our situation look quite bleak?  People recoil at the words Jesus uses.  They say this is too much for them.  But what about us?  How are we reading Him today?  Are we able to get past our interpretations?  Are we more capable of getting down to what He is trying to say?  We may have a better chance of seeing the symbolism, but are we getting His point?  Are we able to digest His words?  Is what He speaks to us entering us to the core?  Do we feed off His every instruction?  Do we drink down every last sip?  Does what we take in of Him give us strength?  Does it give us what we need to get through every day?  Is it building up a healthy individual?  Will what is being nourished within us be far more everlasting than the creature we are now?

If we are serious about listening to Jesus, then have we come across one great step in the process of following Him?  We could hesitate at the thought of consuming the flesh and blood or Jesus.  Or we can embrace taking anything that comes from Him in.  Will we choose to partake of our Saviour like that today?  What would He have us chew on of Him right now?  Are we coming with purpose to Him to taste and to see?  Are we coming to Him in this moment to find out what nourishment He has for us now?  Do we want to be filled?  Do we want the kind of Life He speaks of?  Would we like to have that Life inside of us right now?

Dear Jesus, You speak of flesh and blood.  You speak of the very essence of You.  You offer Yourself to us.  Help us to take of It!  Help us to hunger for nothing less!  Let us gulp up anything we can of You!  Let It get inside of us!  Let us get You inside of us!  Let us feed from You in every given instant!  Be our strength!  Be our nourishment!  Become so much a part of us that we have true Life living within us now!


By S.D. Wonenberg

A quick question:

In what Way are you being nourished by the Lord right now?  Please leave us a comment and let us know.

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