Hard Teachings

On hearing it, many of his disciples said, “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?”  John 6:60 (NIV)


You can lead a horse to water, but you can´t make it drink.  The old saying says.  Jesus tries to lift men´s eyes above themselves.  He works hard to help them see higher than the environment that they were born into.  Is it like a foreigner talking about his home country?  Do those listening have little by which to relate his words to?  Is it like a person from New York trying to explain internet, smartphones and jet-planes to a primitive tribe member in one of the more remote corners of a jungle?

We too may say we´ve got it.  We can say we understand.  But do we?  What do we have to prove that the words Jesus uses are getting inside of us?  Can we prove our enlightenment by an improved way of thinking?  Can we rest on our refined practices?  Can we rely on the fact that we no longer tell lies or take something that is not ours?  Is our church better than the one down the street?

Those who struggled to accept Jesus´ teaching a long time ago asked, “Who can accept it?”  Jesus is telling us that we need to have Him living within us.  He is saying that Something of our Saviour should be getting inside of us like it was food or drink.  We should feed off of Him.  It will be Him Who nourishes us and gives us what we need to live.  Is this what is happening with us?  Has Jesus got that much into us?  He may be a part of our weekly or daily routine.  But is He flowing in the blood within our veins?  Is He pumping through our entire being?  Is it His love and dedication to God moving us to be like Him?  Is it His nature that is touching the lives of all those whom we come into contact with?

While we go out each and every day to chase and achieve all our dreams, are we aware that there is a different direction our hearts could go?  Are we aware that for all our living, there is a different kind of Life?  Can´t we see that True Life is found only in One Source?  Can´t we see that no amount of food or money we can every have here on earth will give us this Life Jesus speaks of?  Can we see that if we could get closer to Jesus?  Could we get so close that He Is actually inside of us?  Would we then live for other motives?  Or are these teachings too hard for us?  Are we going to miss the joy of following Jesus because we just will not bring ourselves to believe what He is saying?  Jesus is talking about hard and drastic changes.  Shall we pray that He takes us by the hand and helps us past these harder concepts?  Can we ask Him to help us with His hard teachings?

Dear Jesus, You speak of concepts which our human nature resists.  We have lived so long in a world where we live for ourselves.  When You ask us to take in a Different Nourishment, we struggle.  When You say we need to live for You, we have a hard time swallowing it.  You say that instead of loving the things our hearts go out to, we should be loving with Your love which wells up within us.  That love will stretch out to the people whom You choose and not where we place it.  We find these to be hard teachings.  We struggle.  But we would stay by Your side.  We want to follow You even unto our Goal!  We want to make it safely home to God.  Please help us!  Take us, and lead us past the more difficult steps!  Help us receive inside of us even those hard teachings!  Let us not rest until You are fully flowing in us and in complete control of our entire nature!  Then we will have Life inside of us!  We will have You!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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