Spirit, Life, Flesh and Words

‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.’  John 6:63 (NIV)

Is it possible that there lives within each of us a flame?  Was there a spark set off somehow which brought the individual into being?  Could this mysterious life which burns inside be what makes our bodies come alive?  Far more than a machine made of flesh, blood and bone, does this flame bring thought and personality to our frames?  While this flame still burns are we capable of thought and emotion?  Can we love and feel?  Is it all marvelous?  Do men still study the wonders of our make-up?  Are they discovering every day new and fantastic elements of our existence and composure?

Modern man likes to give credit to cells, mutation and chance.  But life?  What put that there?  What sustains it?  Shall we give the struggling cells the credit?  Are they that smart that we should say they are the ones who turn matter into life?  Or is there order behind all of it?  Is there design and precision?  Is there Power, Intelligence and Care?  Are there signs of the work of a Great Spirit?

Jesus simply says the Spirit gives life.  Is He saying that the flesh is merely a place where the Spirit can work?  Without something mysterious yet intelligent living within us, are we merely empty vessels?  What purpose do we serve?  Should we think all the marvels of our existence are left to chaos and chance?  Are we mere structures blowing in the winds?  Do we just grow and flourish a short while, then wither and die?  Is this the best we can say for ourselves?  Or is there a wonderful flame burning within?  Could there be a spirit or a soul alight within each of us?  Could this mystery that smolders within us recognize where it came from?  Can our spirit sense the Authority which produces this flame inside?  Could this flicker of light somehow be kept alight by the Instigator of it all?  Could there be a thrilling Originator that plans, creates, sustains and redeems?  Could this Source Be the Spirit which gives life?  Without it does our flesh count for anything?  Without the spark of spirit within, do we just fade away and die?

As Jesus mentions this essential Spirit, He says that even the words He uses define spiritual things.  If we rest on the fact that we are only flesh and bone, then His words are only words.  But if we can raise our gaze beyond our test-tubes and microscopes, could we stand the chance to hear those kinds of words?  Is it possible that spiritual words describe mysterious spiritual ways?  Would they need to be spiritually discerned?  Would we need the assistance of a helpful Spirit to guide us forward?  Could we turn to the Holy Spirit to help us understand?  Would we need to let Him activate our mysterious side just to begin sensing where He would lead us?  Will the Spirit need to fan that flame inside to life?  Should whatever spark we have within us begin to burn for Him?

Does the modern man know it all?  Or is there still a need within each of us, to stop and consider?  Could we afford to take a moment and bow our heads?  Could we draw near the Source of our life?  Could we turn our eyes to the One who sets us alight?  Could we ask for guidance with the Spirit, the Life, our flesh and Jesus´ words?

Dear Jesus, do You still find a few humble souls who admit we don´t know it all?  Would You like to quicken our hearts today?  Please take this spark You have placed within us and fan it into a flame!  We want to sense greater things!  We want to be ignited in a Way that we can become aware of spiritual things!  We want life to burn within us!  We want to know this Mystery which gives us life!  We want to spark to Life in You!  Take us where our earthy limitations fail us we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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