Leaving Jesus

From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.  “You do not want to leave too, do you?” Jesus asked the Twelve.  John 6:66-67 (NIV)

After Jesus teaches on some more difficult subjects to grasp, many people turned away.  They stopped following Jesus.  It was too much for them to drop their former ways of thinking.  Was He asking too much of them?  Was He asking for their trust?  Even though they could not grasp all the mysterious and spiritual concepts, would they need to put their hope in the Lord to continue after Him?  Was this just too big of a step for most?  Were they too reluctant to place that much faith in where Jesus would lead them?  Is this why they leave Jesus?  Is this why we do too?

Nearly all people everywhere go through a time where they look into the question of Jesus.  We come up against what we are going to do with Him and His teachings.  Is where we come to the misused term “Choose to follow Jesus?”  The choice is there, this is certain.  But the term is misunderstood in the fact that in modern times we have taken it to mean a once-done-act.  Instead of a single choice, is it more of state of being?  We can say we will follow Him, but then we must constantly choose on how much importance to place on Him or His words.  We can say we believe in Him, but will we need to make countless choices every day on whether to look to our agendas or His?  Should the term take on a meaning far more involved than simply a declaration or a single decision made once-upon-a-time?

This is where we come into the picture.  Have we made a choice to follow Jesus?  Was it yesterday?  Was it a long time ago?  Jesus turns and speaks directly to His chosen few.  He wants to know if they want to leave Him too.  Do the words of the eternal Son of God reach even unto us?  Do they ring in our ears today?  Is He asking us if we too will turn our backs on Him?  Is He asking more of us now than we are willing to give?  Would we prefer to return to our comfortable way of life?  Is it easier not to think too hard on the teachings of the Lord?  Is it easier to swallow the common ways of man?  Are we more used to holding all the cards?  Do we choose to follow the current trends of society and the people around us?  Do we feel more comfortable keeping Jesus a safe distance away?

That not all will take Jesus serious is a fact.  We have been told and therefore are not ignorant that only a few will stay by Jesus´ side.  So where do we find ourselves?  If we choose not to examine the bent of our heart, then we do not have to guess for long.  If we do not react quickly and hurry to our knees to bring our questions to the Lord, than we probably already know who we are following.  Should we take this opportunity now?  Should we ask Jesus to expose our secret intentions?  Are we following some hidden agenda of our own?  Are we leaving Him somehow too?

Dear Jesus, please let Your words weigh upon us now!  We have chosen to follow You.  Where else can we go?  People all around us are choosing to leave You out of their lives.  Some are only choosing to reduce You in some small way.  Some would rather chase their own fancies.  But if we are Your chosen few, then draw us closer still.  Show us what is in our hearts!  Let us make every choice, every day, to be following You in every step of the Way!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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