To Whom Shall We Go?

Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.  We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.”  John 6:68-69 (NIV)


People have tried.  They made an effort to leave their old routines and become followers of Jesus.  They left their old lives behind for a time.  But when the teachings of Jesus become a little more serious, they choose to return.  They turn away from Jesus.  They leave Him to go off and find something a little easier to swallow.  So Jesus turns to His chosen few.  He asks if they too want to go.  But where shall we go?  “We have already believed in the Holy One of God.  Where else could we go?  We found what our hearts were searching for in Christ.  Now how on earth could we go and try to find all that He offers in some other place?  Who else can give us what we find in Jesus?

Is it the same nowadays?  Is this same principle at work still today?  Do many people sense the emptiness and come to hear what Jesus is all about?  Do they look into Christianity? Do they try and find a church?  Do they ask a Christian the questions that burn upon their hearts?  What do we tell them?  What do we do?  For all mankind´s searching and emptiness, to whom shall we go?  When the people come to us, do we usher them into a congregation?  Do we offer them a living with higher standards?  Do we give them a loftier overall outlook on life?  Do we give them a hope in God?  Do we provide them with a new way to walk and a new way to talk?  Do they have a new social club to lose themselves into?  Are these things what it is all about?  For all the good they will do for them, is it still possible that the new believer may fall away?  Is it possible that even those of us who have followed Jesus for some time may still somehow turn our backs on Jesus?

The point is not and never has been in all those steps.  For all the help they bring to finding our salvation, not one of those things alone can provide what Jesus can.  To whom shall we go?  Shall we go to the external things?  Or shall we rather use anything within our reach to help us get beyond them and into the Presence of our Saviour?  Shall we settle for all the uplifting notions and actions?  Or shall we press forward and want nothing less than to be with Him personally?  Shall we refuse to believe that our future lies in anything less than knowing Jesus ourselves?  We could run around frantically our entire lives.  We can reach amazing heights within our social or religious circles.  But until we figure out to Whom we should go, do we all run the risk of finding something less than our Saviour Jesus Christ?

Dear Jesus, all our best intentions will never replace experiencing You personally.  Please open our hearts so that we can be with You.  Let us know how close You would draw us to You today.  Expose every way and every instant that we settle for less than an actual encounter with You.  Please give us the pleasure to be among those precious few who stay faithfully by Your side!  Let us be those chosen ones who will accept nothing less than truly having You in our daily lives!  Let us refuse to turn to anyone or anything that is not You!  Help our churches, our relationships, and all our daily movements bring us before You in the most intimate Way!  Let us have those things only as tools which make our relationship with You more vital, more urgent and always more necessary to us!  We believe and we know that You are the Holy One of God!  In sincerity and in earnest, let us go to You now!  Let us remain with You in Your loving embrace forever!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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