Time For Jesus

Therefore Jesus told them, “The right time for me has not yet come; for you any time is right.’  John 7:6 (NIV)

It is nearly time for the holiday.  Jesus´ brothers who don’t really believe in Him say He should go make Himself known.  He responds by saying His time in not yet come.  He says that for them any time is right.  Is there a significant truth to be learned here?  For those who chase only their own desires, those who follow the ways of men, could any time be good for them?  But what about when we stop considering only ourselves and start to put God´s purposes first? Is it then that we actually find the clock is set to His agenda?  Is this when we begin to realize that God is at work?  Should we trust Him to know the exact time and order that everything should take place?

We get frustrated.  We try to achieve so many things.  Many of our goals are intended to uphold God.  But when difficulties arise and when opposition faces us, we get flustered.  We can´t see what God is up to.  We struggle to move forward.  We feel the frustration from all that stands in our way.  If we are not able to get close to the Lord in these moments, we tend to focus even more on our problems.  If we are not careful we will not see when our heart starts to lose sight of God and we have set our own agenda in its place.  We only see the problems that loom up and make our lives difficult.

Perhaps things would go much easier for us if we were to forget religion, maybe then the wind would not blow so hard in our faces.  The world would have no cause to hate us if we had not chosen to love the Lord our God.  But is this the point?  Is it really about us?  Have we forgotten why we came to God in the first place?  Is it because He Is God?  Have we come to the conclusion that He should Be the Center?  Is it to Him that we bow?  Have we set ourselves to follow Him?  Have we placed our hope in Him?  Have we begun to do all that we do so that we can come unto Him?  Is this what we are about?  Should it be?  Is He big enough and important enough for us to commit ourselves this entirely to Him?  If we truly have set ourselves to serve an All-powerful and All-seeing God, than where shall we find our frustration?  Would we need to remove our eyes from Him even to see the weeds which grow in our path?  If we were truly focused upon God should we look for His agenda instead of our own?

Jesus walked on earth with His eyes on God.  Power and authority had already been bestowed upon Him.  He was able to heal and do mighty signs and wonders.  He had a job to do in teaching and saving our race.  But He was not on a mission of His own.  He was on a mission from God.  He was tuned to God.  He saw not His own agenda.  He looked to the Father to set the times for everything.  He looked to God first.  Jesus faced opposition, trials and difficulties.  But Jesus did not get upset.  He kept His eyes on God.  He was more concerned with being in tune with His Father.  He knew His Father was at work.  He was willing to let God set the times, the places and the consequences.  Are we?

Dear Jesus, we would like to have You living in us.  We want to be moved by our closeness to You!  We want to follow You in every Way!  We would like to leave the frustration of trying to follow our own agenda!  We want to follow God´s agenda!  Help us to keep our eyes so fully on You, that we are able to face and know how to take each hurdle on our journey Home to God!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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