Is The World Evil?

The world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I testify that what it does is evil.  John 7:7 (NIV)


What is all this talk of the world being evil?  Was it made by God?  How can we say it is bad?

Men of the world cannot understand why Jesus does not think like them.  They struggle to accept Him and His teachings.  By their thinking, He should behave as would be logical from our familiar patterns, values and preferences.  But Christ is not exactly like us.  He may have been born as we all are.  But everything about Him is different.  He lives for God.  He thinks of God.  He is in communion with God.  His whole existence was and is tuned to God.  But us, what are we tuned to?  Whose goals do we seek?  Do we lay ours aside and insist on putting God first?  Do we refuse like Jesus, to care what it will cost us in this life on earth?  Are we that dedicated to God?

Jesus devotes entirely to lifting up and looking to God in all things.  By doing this He is set in sharp contrast to all the rest who walk the face of the earth.  We are prone to look to ourselves.  We have always done it.  From the first ones to the last.  Are we all guilty of placing our intentions before those of the Lord?  Do we so often lose sight of Him and what He is up to?  Is this why the world is evil?

There are many ways men like to look at our existence and its relation to the God that brought us to be here.  But the Bible teaches us that our Maker did not have the same intentions for us that we naturally choose for ourselves.  He has a plan.  It includes us.  But far too many times, even the saintliest person does not always consider God or honor Him with our intentions.  Jesus comes into the scene.  But Jesus honors God perfectly in every Way.  Jesus looks to God and His purposes while we fall short.  He stands in sharp contrast to us.  His purity makes our selfishness look bad.  By His side all our failures are hideously exposed.  In the Light of Jesus, all our dark intentions are seen for what they are.  We don´t tend to want the things of God.  We want our things!  Leaving God out or choosing something before Him is evil!  It doesn´t matter how hard we try to water it down.  It doesn´t matter how hard we try to cover it over.  Wherever Jesus is, He testifies to the evil habit of the world.

Is it for this contrast which the Light of Jesus brings, that we need repentance?  Should we all take a little serious the accusation we carry as humans?  Do we all stand to follow the trends of our race?  Does each last one of us need to come into the Light?  Will we all need to expose our filth?  Should we who care, come willingly to Christ?  Should we come running to our knees?  Could we seek some help for our condition today?  If the world has no need to hate us, then how close are we to Jesus?  If all is going well for us, how serious are we about finding the Light?  Could we benefit today by studying why the world around us is evil?  Would it be forever crucial for us to know now if we stand with our Lord?

Dear Jesus, we bow our heads to You today.  We realize that the world where we live struggles to see a need to lift God up.  Please shine Your Light on us!  Expose to us where our heart leans to now!  Do we seek our own intentions?  Or do we honor God?  Let us see clearly any filth left in us.  Expose us for what we are!  Then pick up the pieces.  Draw us closer to You.  Mend our broken spirit.  Fill us with the same Spirit that is in You today!  Fill us with a heart after God and not after evil we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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