Where Jesus Learns

The Jews were amazed and asked, “How did this man get such learning without having studied?” Jesus answered, “My teaching is not my own. It comes from him who sent me.  John 7:15-16 (NIV)


They are wondering where He is.  Jesus finally shows up on the scene halfway through the celebration.  He starts teaching.  Does it seem like the most natural thing for Him to do?  Many people are warmed and enthralled by His words.  Others wonder where He gets His teachings from.  How can a Man have so much to teach other about God, if He has not gone to the reputable schools or hold the acceptable credentials?  Where does Jesus get His teachings?  Where does He learn what He has to share with us?

Jesus simply states that His learning in not from the normal route.  We go to schools.  We go to universities and seminaries.  We learn our doctrines.  We learn how to run churches.  We learn how to speak in front of people.  We learn to read and write.  For all our studies, do we think we are better prepared to teach others?  Should we think that this Man who came up outside of the system could possible make His place in the whole game of educating the world on God?  How can we go along with this craziness?  But wait!  Jesus says something important.  He says that the teachings are not His Own.  He says they come from the One Who sent Him!  They come from God!

If we claim to believe in an All-Powerful and All-Knowing God, are we aware that we are at least insinuating that all real knowledge would come from Him?  Even though the human brain is capable of assimilating many complex things, would the God Who made us, also have set the limits of how much we can digest into our thinking?  Is God the One Who says just who will understand and how much we will get out of every new discovery we may make with our minds?  Is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe in control over even our human existence?   Is He that big?

Jesus says that what He has to teach us comes from the Source.  He says He did not get it from books.  He did not get what He has to share from an accredited university.  He did not even get it from the best minds or more studied professors.  He got what He needed to say from God!  He gets everything from God!  Do we think it should be different with us?  Where do we get our learning?  What do we really possess?  How did it come to us?

Could it be eternally beneficial to us to take special note of this attribute of Jesus?  Might we also be lifted to lofty heights by keeping it present in our lives?  Should we too look to distinguish where we are getting our instruction?  Where do we go to find it?  Where do we go to check it?  Who is the authority we turn to when we want to be sure if we understand things right?  Do we go to the Source?  Do we approach the real Authority?  Are we taking upon ourselves the seat of importance?  Are we the experts, the learned, or the definitive teacher?  Or is there still more that we could gleam if we truly want to learn?  Who would still like to learn from where Jesus learns?  Where can we go to get that kind of learning?

Dear Jesus, thank You for coming to us, caring for us and instructing us.  Please let those of us today who still care, to draw up a chair and listen to You.  We want to hear what God would have us know now.  We want to be taught in a Way that the world may still not understand.  We want to hear from our Maker what is vital to each of us still living.  We want our lessons to come directly from the Source, through You and into our heart!  Write in our souls what God would teach us today!  Let us in turn learn from Where You learn we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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