Who Can Jesus Be?

Still others asked, “How can the Christ come from Galilee? Does not the Scripture say that the Christ will come from David’s family and from Bethlehem, the town where David lived?”  John 7:42 (NIV)

People are trying to decide what they should believe about Christ.  Who is Jesus?  Where does He come from?  How much urgency should we be placing upon His instruction?  Some people want to reduce Jesus.  Some want to do away with Him completely.  Some think He is important.  Some think He is the very Son of God.  What do we think?  How seriously are we taking the whole situation?

In Jesus day the people got into commotion over Who Jesus was.  It is instructional to view what happened back then.  But are we still in commotion over Him today?  Should we be?  Are opinions divided?  Are there many who hate to think they should adjust their lives and mentalities to His teachings?  Are there some who refuse to bow down to Him as the most important connection we have to God?  Are there many others who realize that we have never been given a greater Path to reach our Heavenly Father?  Of these, how many are making the issue crucial?  How many good Christians have settled into a comfortable mindset?  How many of us have relaxed into an easy way of life?  Are we content that we have eased our conscious by raising our standards?  Have we gladly accepted a set of doctrines and a way of life?  Does this now permit us to carry on pursuing our own goals for ourselves?

Or has the Presence of Jesus shaken us to the core?  Has a realization of His Heritage with God dawned upon our entire being?  Have we woken up to the fact that He came to us, taught us and then sacrificed His own life for us?  Are these facts about Him moving us right now?  Do we struggle to see the world around us without first looking at it in the Light of Jesus?  Can we sense His Presence now?  Is He the One we quietly yet constantly hold with us in our hearts?  Is it His love by which we love all those around us?  Do we seek moments to be with Him more desperately than we do with our earthly relationships?  Do we turn to Him first for advice?  Is it His council which we value over that of our friends and family?  Are we listening to hear His voice at all times?

Could Jesus have been sent to us from God not only as a ransom for our lives?  Could He also serve as a proof to God that shows Him exactly who really cares for Him?  Could God be using His Son still to see if we honestly want to come to be with Him?  People of all ages have been and still are in commotion over Who Jesus Is.  Could it also be a wise thing for us to do today, to have a look and make sure that we care enough about Him now?  Could we look to see if we are making much or little of Him?  Could we look to see if we have made our relationship with Him of most urgent and most vital importance?  All the great saints have this one thing in common, they pressed forward further than most in their attempt to be right with Jesus in every moment.  They knew Who Jesus could be for them.  Could we imitate them now?  Could we look to see Who Jesus can be for us right now?

Dear Jesus, people still today all come up against what to believe of You and how importantly they should seek to know You.  We want to take this moment now.  We want to approach You!  We want to get into Your very Presence!  We want to expose our hearts even if it will incriminate us!  We would come to God!  We would set our hopes on You!  Show us all that You Can Be for us right now we pray!


By S.D Wonenberg


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