Not Alone!

‘But if I do judge, my decisions are right, because I am not alone. I stand with the Father, who sent me.’  John8:16 (NIV)

Not Alone!

Is there a reason why we should look to Jesus that stands above the others?  He performs many amazing miracles.  He miraculously heals with tender love and care.  He teaches all men with an urgency to seek God with the correct state of heart.  He teaches compassion as He shows us through example.  He suffered and died for us.  He rose again triumphant.  He was the blameless Lamb slain for all our sins.  But is there still one more aspect of Him which makes all the rest possible?  Is there something which testifies of Him and should serve to draw us to Him like no other reason we could find?  Could this one great point of Jesus be the fact that He is not alone?  Could the reason we should look to Him, seek Him, follow Him, bow to Him and love Him over all else, be that He Is with God the Father?  Is the Son of God our Saviour and our Light because He stands inseparably within the Presence of the Almighty God?  Is this what makes Him the Son of God?  Is this Who He Is?

We make much of ourselves.  We make much of our religion.  We make much of our high intentions.  But the bottom line, what is it?  When all is said and done, what is it all about?  Is it about us?  Are we the point to our story?  Or are we mere pilgrims here?  Are we all on a journey?  Have we begun in one place and all trying to get to another?  Are all those who look to the Lord as God, just trying to make it there where He is?  Is our life´s goal, to make it to the Father´s side?

Instead of making our nearness to Heaven a question of special distance, should we notice that physical space and distance do not affect God?  Should we understand then, that nearness to Him is something reachable in heart and soul?  Could we understand that closeness to God is like the expression one uses when they talk about someone they feel very close with?  Can a person sense this unity of heart and spirit even though many miles may separate them?  Would this be a more adequate way to describe being near to God?  God is everywhere.  Nowhere exists where God cannot be.  Therefore, shall we say that those close to Him are not standing on top of a mountain or a ladder?  Will they be the ones who spend more quality time with Him in real unity of soul?  Will they be the ones who truly have pressed forward into the intimacy of bonding with Him in spirit?

Jesus is more than special!  He is the Model to which we look!  He stood closer to God than anyone we have record of.  It is what He is about!  It is the characteristic that describes Him!  Is this why we seek Him in our lives?  Should it be?

Closeness or distance, the choice is ours.  If we would choose closeness to God, then does Jesus become essential to us?  It is what He Is!  It is what He does!  If we draw near to Him, we draw near to God!  He is not alone!  Are we tired of being alone with only each other for company?  Shall we seek nearness today with One Who Is not alone?

Dear Jesus, there are so many wonderful things to consider about You.  But there is one thing which shines so bright that we cannot look fully into.  That is the fact that You are not alone.  You are with the Father!  You are with our God!  Our lives here on earth are lonely.  We long to drop this sensation that we are alone!  We want to come to You.  We want to come to the Father!  We want to be with You because with You, we will not be alone either!  Enable us and help us now we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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