Where God Is


‘I am one who testifies for myself; my other witness is the Father, who sent me.”  Then they asked him, “Where is your father?”  John 8:18-19 (NIV)Where God Is


We observe as Jesus discloses the secrets of Heaven and earth.  Some wonder why nobody has come directly from God to teach us and tell us of the important things.  Yet Jesus is here.  He is walking us carefully through these secrets.  He gently, but consistently tries to lift our sight above our low horizons.  He patiently insists that we exercise our hidden qualities.  He asks us to engage the senses of our soul and sharpen the skills of our heart.  He encourages us to begin using our budding spiritual faculties to an awareness of the greatest of all Beings.  He is holding out the most amazing Treasure for the ones who would make the effort to hear His words.  Jesus wants to usher us into the Presence of the Divine!  He was sent for this very purpose!  But what reaction is He finding among men?  What reaction does He find in us?

People question His authority.  We question His testimony.  We judge Jesus against our experience or our understanding of the familiar world around us.  But are we right in doing so?  Who made us the judges of a world we cannot see?  Who made us the authorities over a realm which we have lost the right to clearly perceive?  Ever since the Fall of Man, we have needed atonement.  There must be some sort of sacrifice for us to approach the Hidden Wonder we call God.  Jesus testifies that God found a Way to fix our maladjustment by coming to us for this purpose.  He paid that price with His life.  Now all Heaven is open for those few who would come.  Those who embrace the thought of those open arms are encouraged forward into unlimited riches yet unseen.  God Himself is waiting to receive His children.  A relationship can now be restored.  But do we still ask “Where is Your Father?”

The hope of Jesus was to find God´s chosen children who would place their hope in Him.  He calls for people who want to believe that God is near.  He will surely lead us to the Father.  But conditions must be met.  At the top of the list is the receptivity.  People need to lay down their trust in themselves.  We need to stop weighing God by our own intelligence and experience of our familiar world.  When Jesus says that His Father is near, we need to open ourselves to the fact that He is present here!  He is here right now!  The only separation that exists between God and us is held in place by us!

Jesus offers to be our Guide.  Jesus is offering to take us where we cannot go!  We can follow the attitude of those before us.  We can choose to miss experiencing God by limiting our horizons.  We can look around us like those who questioned Jesus.  We can ask where God is.  Or we can accept the testimony of Jesus.  We can look to Him.  He will show us what we need to know.  He will open us to the greatest experience available to mankind.  He can show us the nearness and reality of His Father.  Jesus can show us where God is!  Has He found in us the quality of acceptance He needs?  Has He found the receptivity necessary for Him to show us the Great Unseen Reality?  Will we let Him lead us to heights we cannot imagine?  Will we let Him guide us directly to a place that is not merely physical?  Are we willing to go with Him to where God Is?

Dear Jesus, we come.  We have nothing that will help us relate to where You would lead us accept You.  You speak of God our mysterious Father.  You would restore us to Him.  Help us lay down our preconceptions.  Help us lay down our faith in the seen world where we live.  Find in us a heart open to the wonders of God.  Find in us a soul willing to be shown where God is!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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