Not Of This World

But he continued, “You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world.’  John 8:23 (NIV)

Not Of This World

What does our Savior mean when He talks about not being from our world?  Do we know what we believe about it?  Do we ever stop to think?  Do we ever let our minds float above what we see of our world?  Do we ever contemplate God in all His limitless splendor?  Perhaps there were moments where we did take the time.  Perhaps we can recall some high point in our spiritual experience when we did feel a great Presence.  Perhaps in those rapturous moments we let our hearts bask in the warmth and wonder of a Living God near to us.  Perhaps the experience thrilled us to the core.  Perhaps the thrill of all we felt lasted some time.  Perhaps it moved us to take some important steps in our faith.

But right now, today, what do we feel?  Are we experiencing a moment like this now?  Is there a sensation overwhelming us at this moment?  Are we being carried away with the emotional high that comes from a realization of the Lord?  Are His whispers booming in our ears?  Is our heart fit to burst from the size and love of all that we cannot take in?  Is the magnitude of our contact right now with a Being from another world seizing us today?

Jesus has a difficult job.  His students are so slow to learn.  We are a stubborn people.  Whenever we get the chance, we settle for what we can see.  Whenever we can remove from our minds the urgency and the size of all we could be experiencing of God, we do.  He has had to show endless amounts of patience with us.  He has been forever repeating His instruction and encouragement.  He mentions ever so often the fact that we are limiting our own contact with the Divine.  We are stopping short of God.  We let the world fill our view.  We remove our eyes from the wonder of our Heavenly Home.  We choose to stand outside the Presence of the Lord!

But if we are sincere, we can still hear that whisper.  If we are serious about our relationship to God, we will hear again His encouragement.  If we would embrace the call of Jesus, we can come unto Him.  We can do it now!  Whatever it may mean in terms of not being from this world, He has made all the right moves.  Now it is our turn to react.  How will we respond to Christ today?  How much are we willing to embrace from above right now?  Will it be little?  Will we shrug our shoulders?  Will we give it a minute of thought before rushing off to our busy schedules?  Or will we let the weight of a different World rest upon our shoulders today?  Will we open our senses to feel a movement that does not originate here?  Will we open our hearts to be flooded with the realization of the One Who is not from this world?

Dear Jesus, we who come to contemplate the Lord may often fail to let the size of our situation overwhelm us.  We may have grown accustomed to talking about wonders Divine.  But please help us past our limitations.  Help us to awake every day to the thrilling reality of One not from our world!  Let us be swept away with the sensation of knowing You!  Let our hope soar!  Help us to embrace the wonder and the size of loving You.  Prepare us now through the baby-steps of a growing relationship with You.  Help us to accustom ourselves to the movements and guidance from above.  Then when our eyes are opened one day, we will be better prepared to stand within the Presence that is not from this world!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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