Do Great Things #In Christ #For God

Do Great Things

‘I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.’  John 14:12 (NIV)

Who is performing miracles today?  Does Jesus have an army of Christians out there doing the things He did?  Is there still a commotion within our communities because of the power of God being poured out?  Are there people being healed, raised to life, or set free from the evil powers that hold them?  Do we hear about it on the news?  Is it making the headlines where the followers of Jesus are miraculously performing great things?  Believe what we will about people and great wonders, but this text states plainly that those who have faith in Christ will do them.  How does that sit with us?  Does it sting a little to hear that if our faith were a little stronger, something more wonderful would be happening in our world today?

We could get lost in a great debate as to what miracles are.  We could dissect the words of Jesus to try and find an ulterior meaning.  We could shift the blame and say that Jesus was directing His words to some other people in some other place in time or space.  Or we can use His words to throw ourselves further upon Him.

Whatever we call it, it can still be an invitation.  Our Lord wants us to look for and expect His movement in our lives and in our world.  He does not want to be held forever as a distant figure.  He does not want to remain a lofty ideal or a fine theory.  He wants us to be close to Him.  He yearns for us like we cannot imagine.  He has always done amazing things to show us His love and care for us.  God sent us His only Son.  Jesus suffered for us and died on a cross to restore us again unto Him.  All our history has been a show of affection from above and a distracted creation below.  We are amazingly stubborn in our continual habit of looking to ourselves.  Oh, how God must wish we would just stop in our tracks!  How intense must His desire be for us to turn to look to Him again!  He has offered to move powerfully in those who do!  But where are they?  Who is getting that close to Him these days?

We give a moment to God here and there.  We set aside a few minutes in the morning.  We go to a service or a meeting at certain times.  But the rest of our days, what do we do with them?  Do we use them to run after all our own things?  Some of us may work on a ministry or goodwill project.  But does that mean we are in tune to the Holy Spirit?  Does our furious activity mean that we have drawn close to God?

It is high time we all get God back into the center focus of our lives.  It is time to concentrate completely upon Him.  He is powerful.  He is ready for action.  If we can get close enough to Jesus we will see Him sitting at the right hand of the Almighty.  Then all Heaven could leap up in response.  Then God´s power can be released.  Then amazing things will happen.  What would we pray for if we wanted to see a miracle?  We don´t have to wonder.  Seek Him before all else and it will be His power and not ours!  Then He can do greater things for us!

Dear Jesus,

We never seem to get it do we?  Please help us to understand that it is not about us!  Fill our vision with You!  Become the single-most important Thing in our lives!  Help us to do absolutely everything in all urgency to come close to You!  Then let God´s power flow where He wills!  Hear our prayer and do great things in and around us today!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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