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Ask To Glorify God

‘And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.’  John 14:13 (NIV)

God loves to answer prayers.  Jesus encourages us to ask in His name.  But what is it that we are talking about?  What should we be talking about?  Does this mean that we can have whatever delight we might yearn for in this world?  Or is there a vital truth to be learned within the words of Jesus?  Could there be something here that would unleash the power of God into our lives?

Jesus is teaching us that the mighty works He does are given to Him from the Father.  He says that those who truly believe in Him have the same channel to receive power from on High.  What is more is that He says that He Who loves us and died to show us that love is going to sit with God and work on our behalf.  So our generous Father not only wants to do mighty things for us, but He has His beloved Son pushing for us as well.  The cards are stacked in our favor.  Heaven waits to leap into action.  God is there to move mountains for us.  So what is it that limits us?  Why are we not performing miracles for God each day?  What is holding back the most powerful Force in nature?  What keeps us from witnessing the arm of God part seas, heal the un-healable, and blow our minds with all kinds of miraculous displays of His intervention?

Could we have lowered our sights?  Is it possible that we are looking at our situation all wrong?  Might we have done what all our ancestors have done throughout the ages?  Have we begun to look to our world and not to God?  Have we let our eyes wander to lower things?  Have we misplaced the focus of where our hearts should be aimed?  Are we looking to please ourselves?  Are we hoping for our own benefit before that of God?

What if we could get back on track?  What if we could look again for the benefit of our Lord?  What if we sought His glory first?  What if we were to go out of our way to make sure that God in Heaven is lifted up.  What if we were to sacrifice even our own agendas to see Him made bigger, more important, and more adored?  What do we think would happen if we came to Him to ask how we might glorify Him?  If we came to Him to see what part we might play in exalting Him today, would that please Him?  Would God be proud and well-disposed to grant that His power is activated in our endeavors?  Would our Saviour gladly work on our behalf if in our asking we truly had God´s glorification as our reason for asking?  What would happen if we Christians all began to pray like this?  What would happen if we asked to glorify God?

Dear Jesus,

We are so prone to lowering our sights.  Please assist us in placing our eyes once again on our Heavenly Home.  Help us come to You for reasons greater than to get more for ourselves.  Help us return to God to glorify Him.  Let us come and let us ask in all honesty that our God is lifted up.  Unleash all the power of Heaven for those who truly ask that our God glorified in our lives today regardless of what if may cost to us!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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