If We Love Jesus #God

If We Love Jesus

“If you love me, you will obey what I command.’  John 14:15 (NIV)

Jesus is teaching us.  He is urging us forward.  He is talking of miracles.  He is telling us that we too will see the Heavens part.  That same Power that flows in Him can come to us.  He is talking about answers to prayer.  He is saying that we can have God on our side. (Or rather we can be on the side of God!)  He is saying that our asking can and will bring glory to God.  He is telling us we can have the Almighty God as our God.  And now He gives us a little more instruction.  He gives us one suggestion which encompasses all the other teachings He gives us.  He tells us that if we actually do love Him, we will take Him seriously.  We will not do like we do with all the other kinds of information we learn of.  He says that if we truly feel something for Him, we will see to it that His wishes for us are carried out.  Is this what we do?

If we love Jesus, what should we do?  Do we ever think about it?  What is the standard response?  Do we think of the Ten Commandments?  Did Jesus give us those?  Do we think of what our church tells us?  Do we think of what our family has taught us?  Do look to our peers?  Or do we go running to our knees?  Are we drawn to Him like small children to the warm embrace of the One Who cares for them?  When we consider whether or not we are doing what Jesus wants us to, where do we go?  Is it always to Him?  Do we open our Bibles?  Or do we think we already know what that has to say?  Do we study the life and teachings of our Saviour?  Or have we already informed ourselves on those issues?  Do we get quiet and try to find His Presence in our lives?  Do we seek Him in the quiet of our souls?  Do we actually try to get into contact with Him?  Do we talk to Him as if to a friend?  Do we spend special moments with Him?  What is it that we really do?

It is true.  The doors of Heaven can swing wide open for some.  But which ones does Christ teach us that will happen for?  The answer is plain.  His response to our question is clear.  He points us to love.  He draws us to Him.  He makes no mention of the hordes of others who would try to get there by a million other paths.  He directs His words to those who would listen to Him.  His invitation is to those who would come to be with Him.  Is that us?

Today could be the most important day of our lives!  It might be our one and only chance.  Are we going to let this opportunity slip by us?  Are we going to let any other distraction make us miss all the promises the Bible has to offer us?  Or are we going to unleash the power of God into our lives?  Are we going to approach our beloved Saviour now?  Are we going to get as close as we can to Him right now?  Are we going to get so close that He can show us what He would have us do?  Are we going to get near enough to Him to hear what He would command for us today?

Dear Jesus,

This may be our only chance to get it right.  Please help us not miss this Path that takes us to our Heavenly Father.  Help us see and understand that we should be so close to You right now that we can hear You!  We need to hear how You would have us walk today!  We cannot afford to accept another person´s opinion.  Tell us now where You would have us step.  Tell us that we truly do love You!  Talk to us, we come, we are listening for You!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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