Our Counselor

Our Counselor

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever—  John 14:16 (NIV)

What do we feel when we read the Holy Scriptures?  Do we read the pages of print without sensing anything?  Is our experience there one of cold mental transmission of information?  Do we go to the Bible like we do to every other book?  Do we read what is written there just to fill some slight curiosity or external pressure?  Or do we come to the Bible with a hunger?  Is there an unseen Force driving us hard, and at times painfully there to find something which our soul knows it needs?  When we read, do the pages come alive to us?  Do even simple passages speak to our hearts?  Do they sometimes lift us up to unimaginable heights?  Does the Word of God have the power to make our spirits soar up at times into the mystic heavens where the Lord dwells?  Can we feel our pulse quicken when we read of our amazing Godhead and their desire for us to be united?

At times Jesus speaks of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost as if they are separate Entities.  At other time our Saviour talks as if they intermingle as they live within each other.  We may struggle to understand just how it can be, but do we get a thrill within even to try and contemplate Them?  Do we receive a gratifying sense of wonder when we stop to ponder our God?  Does it light a fire within us that burns with the need to worship and praise the Lord?

Jesus tells us that He is returning to His Father.  He is telling His followers what will happen when He does.  He says that He Himself will ask the Father on our behalf.  Does this show of love warm us?  We can sense the love and confided relationship that our Godhead shares.  With Christ interceding on our behalf, the Father is moved with love for us even more than He was before.  He already loves us.  He has always gone to great lengths to demonstrate that love to us.  He even sacrificed His own beloved Son out of His great love.  And it is this Son Who is pulling in our favor to bring us together again.  Jesus is working to bring God´s lost children back into His Presence again.  What marvelous love!

But the wonders are not finished yet.  Jesus says that what He will ask for us is that we may have Another piece of the Deity.  He asks that the Counselor is sent to us.  He will send us the Holy Spirit!  He will send us One Who has the power and ability to provide all that we require to come unto God!  And He will be ours forever!!!  Is the weight of this Gift dawning upon our senses?

Shall we make an effort to bring our hearts into a worthy state of awe today?  Should we attempt to let the full weight of Jesus´ work sink deep within us?  Shall we let the thought of His interceding prayer to God for us stir something in the depths of our soul?  If we get quiet enough and focus hard enough, not on our things but His, will we be able to detect the Spirit of God moving within us?  What will that feel like?  Shall we try?

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for encouraging us.  Thank You for letting us know that You are even now working with God the Father on our behalf.  Strengthen our faith to the point that we realize that You are fulfilling Your promise to us.  Tell us again that You are sending us Your Spirit.  Let the Holy Spirit have free reign of our lives.  Let Him into our hearts to live in us and move us today.  Let Him have every power to have great and thrilling success in bringing us surely to the Lord.  Be pleased to let God´s Spirit lead us right up to You and into the Presence of our God, we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg.


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