Spirit Of Truth

Spirit Of Truth

‘The Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.’  John 14:17 (NIV)

The Holy Spirit!  He is the answer.  He is also the question.  He is our hope in a hopeless world.  He is a glimpse of light in a universe gone astray.  He is a gentle guiding hand in the darkness though which we tread.  He is a shelter in this last great tempest.  But who can see Him?  Who is concerned about whether or not He is present?  Who is aware of His movements?  Who is going out of their way to make room for Him in their hearts?

Jesus tells us that the Spirit of Truth is not something that very many people are willing to seek or accept.  He says that because the Holy Spirit is impossible to see with the naked eye, we will have to open our hearts and take Him at His Word.  To do that, we have to find a state of humble trust.  We cannot sit back in pride and think we know it all.  We cannot see into the mystic land of spirits.  We cannot define their form.  We are not the experts on what a spirit is capable of or not.  Those things lie in hands greater than our own.  Ultimate control of those themes is left for powers that do have the ability to see into realms where we are yet unable to measure or describe.  Only on our knees are we able to come close to understanding the spiritual world.

Only One Who comes direct from God could ever be called the Truth.  So to seek this Spirit, we must come to God.  We have to look to the One Who is sent to make our return to God possible.  This is an effort the rest of the world is not prepared to do.  Are we?

Jesus makes a distinction between those who can know Him and those who won´t.  He says that those who know this Spirit are ones who are aware that He is near them.  They are the ones who know He can be in them.  “For He lives with you and will be in you,” He says.  Are we aware that a great unseen Force is guiding us towards the Lord?  Are we aware of the Presence of One Who would have us come to know God?  Is there Someone now, Who although unseen, is directing us carefully yet surely nearer to our Saviour Jesus Christ?  Can we get quiet and tune ourselves to the Lord?  Can we sense a powerful caring Friend Who is drawing us steadily nearer to God?  Are we interested in having much more than a theory we find pleasing to our minds?  Should we seek to have the Holy Spirit as our constant Adviser we turn to for guidance in everything we do and think?

Today is a good day to step a little closer to the Lord.  We will need help.  We will need our Counselor.  Not many of our friends will care to know Him, seek His assistance or need Him like we do.  But if we can embrace Him and His work inside of us, then our Heavenly goal is truly possible.  Those who come to seek the true counsel of our intimate Helper, can surely succeed in a heightened awareness and a closer walk with the Lord.  Will this be us?

Dear Jesus,

The world does not care.  The world will not want to see Him.  It will be impossible for them to come to know the Holy Spirit.  They will not have His counsel helping them come to You.  Please assure that He is able to help us today.  Fix whatever may be impeding Him from working freely in us and our lives.  Help us to see and to know that He is really with us.  We need Him now like never before.  Pour out God´s Spirit upon us now we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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