To Be Loved #Jesus

‘Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.”  John 14:21 (NIV)

Everyone is looking for love.  We need to know that somebody is thinking of us.  We need to know that someone cares.  We are capable of pouring out huge amounts of love to those we deem worthy to receive our love.  Human love is extremely filling and good.  But For those who have opened a Bible there is a different kind of love that has been placed before us.  For those who have opened their ears to hear of God, a great unlimited love is there for the taking.  Out of all the countless amazing expressions of God´s love for His children, Jesus is the greatest.  His very own Son is our Lord´s perfect demonstration of love to us.  He came to us whether we care to acknowledge Him or not.  He came even before we asked for help.  He came regardless of the fact that we have done nothing to deserve His love.  Even a lifetime of servitude and adoration cannot possibly compare to the love demonstrated by our Saviour.  He let us turn our backs on Him and yet He suffered and died in the hopes to save a few.  He gave up His place with God in Heaven to come and point the Way Home.  He came to call us to look away from ourselves and to our Creator and God.  Even the saintliest amongst us at times is enticed into taking our eyes off of our Lord.  What do we do to deserve such love?

Regardless of our insufficiency, Jesus loves us.  God loves us.  His love, like Him is endless.  God´s love is unlike the love we humans are used to.  Human love is limited when it is not returned.  When our love is not returned it can suffer and is often reduced.  God´s love has never seen from us the kind of love He asks for.  Yet He loves us still.  His love has not abated over the years.  His love has never been reduced for us no matter how many times we have failed to return it.

Jesus is telling us again that His love and the love of the Father can come to us.  We can be loved in the most excellent sense of the word.  We can share a love that will never end.  That love has the power to lift us far above any love we could possibly experience here on earth.  The love of God can and will take us ultimately to Him.  Our love for God can one day assure that we see His face.  Do we want to have that kind of love?

Jesus says what kind of people will be the ones who enjoy this love from above.  He says it is those who care enough to come to know Him.  It will be the ones who eat up every word He has to give us.  It will be those who go on to carry through with whatever He asks of us.  How close have we come to Him today?  Have we gotten close enough to know where He would have us step now?  Are we seeing His love flowing into us, through us, and out again to all those around us?  Are we doing what it takes to be loved by God?

Dear Jesus,

We hear You offering us a love like no other.  We hear of a love from God that is unconditional and unending.  Although we may not be able to fathom it, our hearts yearn for this love You have for us.  Fill us too with Your love.  Fill us with You!  Expand our souls to let more of Your love into us so that it may radiate from us too!  Let Your love move us to love You more!  Let Your love in us enable us to love others and to return love to our Father in Heaven!  Teach us how to be loved like this we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg.


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