Our Spirit And Guide

Our Spirit And Guide

‘But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.’  John 16:13 (NIV)

When we think of the Holy Spirit, what kind of sensations do we get?  Do we catch a thrill of adventure to ponder the wonders of God?  Can we sense the excitement of lifting our thoughts into the mystic realms of the Divine?  Does our heart race merely to contemplate the unimaginable reaches of heavenly discoveries?  Or do we let our hearts settle for some lower expectations?

Jesus makes great promises of God.  He is telling us of marvelous and powerful Things to come to us.  He is talking of one of the sweetest mysteries of all the spiritual truths.  He is talking of our essential Guide.  He promises us the Holy Spirit will lead us through the steps we need to take to come to know God.  He is telling us that this is what we need.  He is telling us what the Spirit will teach us.  He is telling us where the Spirit will get the information that He will bring to us.  Does this sound important?  Does this sound like it fits into God´s plan for us?  If so, then how much emphasis are we placing on whether or not we are receiving what was promised?  Are we yearning for this help like we yearn for Christ Himself?  Do we seek the Gift of Spirit as desperately as we seek the face of God?  Do we?

If we could be honest with ourselves, would we find that many times we overlook our need for the Spirit of God?  Do we forget to place importance on whether or not we are aware of Him here?  Do we focus too much effort on the things we can control or the things that we can do?  Are we overlooking our need to be filled and led by the very Spirit that will take us to the Lord?

If we can see our lack and our need, then we have a place to start.  From this small beginning, not the universe or eternity can limit.  God will be our goal and we will be surely on the right track.  Jesus and the Spirit will be our strength.  They will work in our favor.  Heaven will be pulling for us.  So what part can we play?  Interest?  Desire?  Focus?  Are there a million Ways in which we can follow faithfully along with the workings of the Spirit?  Should our eyes and our hearts search first to fill themselves with this Movement from above?  If we can get enough or our attention to where and how the Spirit would move us now, would we gain some new ground with God?  Could we be drawn closer to Jesus today, if we were sincere enough and hungry enough to find the Holy Spirit at work in our lives?  Is our Spirit and our Guide going to be what we pray for today?

Dear Jesus,

We desperately need to correct the focus of our lives.  We need to be urgent and sincere with our spiritual lives.  Please send a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit today!  Send the Spirit of God to us!  Let Him be our Guide!  Let Him be What moves in us!  Let us settle for nothing less than what You have promised!  Let us be surely drawn to You and thus to our Father we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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