A Little While

A Little While

“In a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me.”  John 16:16 (NIV)

Do those words just leap right out from the pages?  “In a little while,” Jesus says.  In one short sentence He speaks of in a time and after a time.  Speaking of in the little space of time He says that He would be hidden from us.  We will not see Him.  Then He says that after another space of time we will once again have the pleasure of resting our eyes upon Him.  Where does the Saviour lead us with His words?  Have we mulled it over with Him?  Have we taken to Him these precious teachings of little whiles?  Can we go to Him to see how He would feed us with them now?

A good and healthy way to read the Bible is on our knees.  Some may take this literally and they may get a higher blessing from their sincerity.  Others may understand this to mean that when we read the Scriptures we should always do it in a state of prayer.  We need to go out of our way to get into the Presence of God if we want to receive anything special from our studies.  Studying any other book such as science or fiction this might not be as important, but that too might be debatable.  Yet surely whenever we come to the Bible or contemplate God we should always focus ourselves upon the Lord.  We should make any adjustments within our hearts that need to be made so that He can speak clearly and openly as if to a friend or a student who is ready to learn.

Next, would come the necessity to open ourselves to hear what He would teach us.  Does this mean we might have to lay down some of our preconceived ideas?  Would this mean that we should resist the pride that wells inside of us when we think we already have God´s instruction firmly learned?  Would we need to approach the Word of Life with the anticipation of some new marvelous discoveries of the Lord´s infinitude?  Should we prepare ourselves to soar with eagles with what may be opened up for us?

If we have gone so far in our preparation, the Lord will be please to reveal Himself to us.  The Holy Spirit is happy to work in those humble enough to come honestly to the word to learn.  Are we doing this now?  Where will the Spirit take us?  What are these times?  When is this period where Jesus is not seen by us?  Have we experienced it in our lifetime?  Is this time lying somewhere in our near or distant future?  Have we buried it somewhere in our past?  What about that blissful time when He will again be seen by us?  What does this mean to us?  Is it something worth waiting for?  If we must wait a little while for us to be granted the blessed promise to be fulfilled, will we yearn earnestly for that day?  Even if full revelation must come after a little more time, are we finding our sight strengthening now?  Is Jesus looming into view in our hearts and in our lives?  Has our burning to see Him started to work its wonder in our souls?  Are the little whiles in our lives bringing us towards the blessed sight of Jesus?

Dear Jesus,

One day perhaps you can peel back our understanding and let the full picture dawn upon us.  For now though we will celebrate each new discovery of You.  We will gobble up every new truth You give us regarding the Heavenly Vision.  All that You may feed us brings us closer to You!  Thank You!  Help us in our journey to find You.  Grant us success in drawing near to You today!  Let us learn of You in each and every little while we may be blessed with we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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