That Love In Us

That Love In Us

‘I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them.”  John 17:26 (NIV)

Jesus shows us God.  In Him we can see what God is like.  The Father is revealed to those who care to know Him.  It is a beautiful and pleasing thing.  Nothing can compare.  As Jesus prays, He brings attention to the fact that He works to bring us this knowledge and will continue to do so.  He demonstrates to us why this is so important to Him.  He wants us to experience this love that the Father and the Son Have.  Christ wants us to have that love too.  He wants to share with each of us what God feels with His Son.  His desire is unselfish and giving.  Does it make us want to Love Him too?  Are His prayer and His effort to bring us into the love of God bringing its fruit?  Are we being filled?  Do we have that love in us?

Before we jump to conclusions or run to our own defense, shall we seek first the Lord?  Should we turn our eyes to Jesus?  The Son of God is still the Way.  Christ is our redeemer.  Only in Him may we approach the Father.  In the Son we see the perfect portrayal of God and His love.  If we would like an honest picture of how we stand up on God´s scale, will we need to look at ourselves in the Light of Jesus?  Will we need to compare our heart to His?  Where no comparison can be found, then must we look for nearness?  Where no reflection is sufficient, then will we have to borrow from the closest worthy Source?

Christ raised His hand in Heaven when One was needed to stoop down to our level.  Jesus volunteered to be humbled out of His love for us.  Not only was He willing to shed His eternally glorious state and become flesh as we are, but the Immortal accepted the utmost test of love.  He sacrificed it all for us!  Shame, rejection, and a world of pain, our Lord took upon Himself.  All our anguish, all our guilt, all the painful separation from the Father came to Him with His full awareness.  He did not hesitate.  He did not doubt.  He loves His Father.  He loves us.  He was willing to go through with every beating, every rough nail, and every vicious insult.  It was the love of God that compelled Him.  It is this love that moves Him.  It is this love that makes such immeasurable sacrifices.  It is a God-sized love that is in Jesus!  It is this same love that He prays is found also in us!

To this end we are called.  To the love of God we have been purchased.  Should we not already possess the kind and size of love that Jesus prays for on our own, then what can we do to receive it?  Where can we go to purchase it?  The price has already been paid.  The prayer has been made.  So what is left in our hearts that will hold back the powers of Heaven?  What are we doing with those hearts that is not opening them wide to be flooded with the love of God?  Is there a worthy Arbitrator Who is here to help us?  Do we have a willing Friend?  Can we come to Him today?  Could we drop every other pressing matter and seek His Presence?  Can we ask Jesus to unleash the most powerful force in all the universe into us?  Can we pray along with Him now that the God of love can flow in us now!

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for bringing us what we are not worthy of possessing.  Thank You for Your love.  Let us pray along with You now!  May a transformation take place within our hearts that will allow God-sized love to replace our pitiful self-sized love. Where our love is insufficient, Be with us so that God´s love is found in us we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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