Leave It All


‘Leave your country and your people,’ God said, ‘and go to the land I will show you.’ Acts 7:3 (NIV)


Instead of showing his own innocence Stephen retells the story of men who stubbornly refuse to listen to God and put Him before their traditions, their comforts and their own thinking.  He starts with Abraham.  His summary gives those who care to hear an excellent chance to view critical point of our own faith and religion.

God told the man of faith that he needed to leave his place and people.  It is true that this event and this action was required physically.  But it stands throughout the ages as a principal as well.  Jesus teaches that our emphasis must shift from us to God.  Christ must become our Goal, our Love and our All.  We must each come to this moment too.  We must each leave our country and our people.  It could be a physical parting.  But more importantly it is a parting within our hearts.  To follow Jesus, we must all go through with our separation from the things we formerly loved.

If we get still enough we may still hear the Lord say to us to leave it all and come unto Him.  There are many glorious promises for those who will trust Him enough to set out on their journey of faith.  Best of all we have One Who will walk beside us each step of the Way.  Shall we heed His call?  Shall we leave all else now?


Dear Lord,

Many people have failed to turn from the things in their lives that they cling to. But we choose You!  Take our hand and lead us from all that would keep our hearts from You we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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