Here I Am

Hebrews 10:7 Here I Am

Then I said, ‘Here I am–it is written about me in the scroll– I have come to do your will, O God.’ “ Hebrews 10:7 NIV


From the window of his house, a man could see that his children and those next door were playing an old familiar game. Someone had kicked the ball and they were running to hide from the one that was it. His thoughts went back to his own childhood and the hours that he had played this game with his own brothers and friends. They had played it in the school playground, in their backyard, and wherever they found a suitable place. It provided hours of fun. The game consists of placing a ball, a can, or something in a central place. One person counts while the others hide. This person then starts looking for the other children and touching the item to call out the names of the ones he or she finds. If, while looking for more children, someone manages to kick the ball, the children can all hide again before it is in place. Have we found the One who went to great lengths to find and save us?

Jesus said, “Ready or not, here I am!” (Luke 4:21) He is not just playing a game for children and people in need. Although Christ opens His arms to those especially, His call is for all to hear. It is for each of us. We may downplay our need for God, but our Savior is still waiting for us to discover Him. It takes a step of faith. It takes an honest look into our hearts. But if we do care to examine the state of our soul, the one elusive thing that money or success will never buy us is our walk with the Divine. Jesus is here! Shall we join Him in the most pleasant pastimes of all? Shall we start seeking to find in Him a million wonderful discoveries today?


Dear Lord,

Spur us into searching for You and finding You now in our lives! Lead us into unlimited discoveries of You, we pray!


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