Faith Looking Forward

Hebrews 11:10 faith looking forward

For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God. Hebrews 11:10 NIV


On the second day of an attempt to climb a mountain, a father and his son reached a ridge. They were nearing the top, but on the other side of the ridge, there was a glacier. There was no way forward except to cross a part of that glacier. They had no ice picks and no crampon spikes so that their shoes did not slip. They did not even have a rope to tie to each other for safety. But it was a short distance, so they decided to proceed anyway. They had not gone far though, and they came to a narrow ice bridge over a deep crevasse. They could not see the bottom. Dad went first, testing his weight on the fragile looking ice. He made it safely while his son stood wondering what he would do if his father fell into the depths. Next, it was his turn. He was just a boy. He was scared. The only way across was to look forward. His dad warned him not to look down. Where are we looking now? Is our faith looking forward to being safe in the arms of our Savior and God?

The two adventurers had already gone far. Turning back was not appealing to them. They were looking forward to reaching the summit. We too can have our goal before us. We may have to cross many scary and difficult obstacles. It is a slippery trail that we tread here on earth as we follow Jesus. But our hope can hold our eyes on Christ and His open arms. We can look forward in faith to our destination. Its architect and builder is God. Shall we lift the eyes of our hearts and set them on our Savior? Shall we look forward in faith instead of looking down at the difficulties now?


Dear Lord,

Lift our hearts and let them soar as we fix our vision on You and all that being with You will still bring us, we pray!


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