Faith That Perfects

Hebrews 11:40 Faith That Perfects

God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect. Hebrews 11:40


In a high mountain range, a group of hikers was walking along a path that went between some of the tallest peaks in the Western US. The sunlight pierced the thin air making the already picturesque scenery more breathtaking. There were not many hikers in this area due to its remoteness. So they were surprised when they saw someone coming towards them on the trail,. They were even more shocked when they got close enough to see that the man was not wearing any clothes. This made passing the man a little uncomfortable as there were a number of women in the party. When they went by, most people averted their eyes and mumble a short, “Hello.” All except one lady, who was not so shy. As she passed him, she blurted out, “Where did you lose your pants?”

We can chuckle about socially unacceptable situations here on earth. But when we stop to consider where we stand with the Lord no amount of clothes or correct behavior will cover up our own darker moments. In the piercing Light of Truth, nothing we could ever do will cover whether or not we know Christ for ourselves. We could try to hide behind fine professed beliefs. But the people of faith that the Bible talks about were more concerned with where they were with God than how people saw them here. Shall we pray for faith that set us on a walk with Jesus through the high paths of personal awareness? Shall we yearn for the day we will be made perfect and ask for help in bringing our hearts to Him now?


Dear Lord,

Let us walk closely with You! Draw us so near that our hearts pass through the breathtaking altitudes of personal discovery of You. Perfect our faith as we seek Your presence, we pray!



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