A Consuming Fire

Hebrews 12:29 A Consuming Fire

for our “God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:29 NIV


It was the 4th of July in rural America. People were in their yards or parks watching firework show with the ones they loved. Then the children went out to the sidewalks. The older children, or perhaps their parents, brought out the fireworks that they had bought. The bigger ones were lit in the street so as not to start a fire. Someone had a couple of road flares in the trunk of the car and they were also brought out. One small boy tried to hold one that was already burning. He dropped it. When he picked it up, he grabbed the flaming end and burned his hand. He dropped the flare screaming, but then stepped on the flare with his bare feet. He mother swooped him up and ran into the house to run cold water over the burns and bandage him. Are we close enough to God to know how hot His fire burns?

That child was no more than a toddler when he learned his first lesson about fire. When he grew up he had many more lessons to learn about God though. The boy will probably not want to touch any more flares, but the God who has planted a tiny spark in his heart could be quite different. Our God can be like a fire deep within us, where we do not see it. There, a little flame may burn. This mysterious ember that was placed there by the Holy Spirit can be kindled. Our desire after God, along with prayers and a good deal of wonder can fan that flame into a blaze. Our hearts could soon become achingly insufficient receptacles for the consuming fire that rages within us for our God. Are our hearts burning for Him now? Could we work to increase the fire that burns in us today?


Dear Lord,

Fan the fire that burns in us for You! Let our hearts rage in love as we draw nearer to You our Burning Bush, we pray!


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