Loving As Brothers

Hebrews 13:1 Loving As Brothers

Keep on loving each other as brothers. Hebrews 13:1 NIV


They met when they were young. Their families became the best of friends. There were three families. Each had their children. The children got along really well. Whenever they could, they would get together. They spent the holidays and even traveled together. When the children started moving off to go to school, get married, or to work in different parts of the world, they still made an effort to go and see each other. They also kept in contact by chatting or phoning fairly often. Over all these years, they have kept loving each other as brothers. Do we love those around us as brothers and sisters too?

The call of the Christian is to have the heart of God beating strong inside of us. We are to feel as God feels for His children. We are to follow so closely to our Savior Jesus Christ, that we share His selflessness, His care, and His love for those whose lives we touch. This is no small task. In our busy world, we are taught to love ourselves and defend ourselves before all the rest. But, with the help of God, we can break out of the mold. We can learn to care with the love of God. The closer we grow to Him in Spirit, the more like Him we can become. What if today, we started a new mission? What if we went out of our way to see the people around us as if they were our own brothers and sisters? Could we find it in our hearts to embrace them in the love of God if we do? We might just be the comfort and family they are in need of right now.


Dear Lord,

Let Your love move us to the point where we seek to have it welling up in us. Show us how to love those we come into contact with and to treat them as our brothers and sisters in Christ, we pray!


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