Persevere Under Trial

James 1:12 Persevere Under Trial

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. James 1:12 NIV


Two young men parked their 4X4 where the remote Mexican trail ended. Once in the waves, they realized that this was not the best place to learn. They struggled to get out where the waves broke evenly. One of the boys felt a stinging in his arm. His wetsuit had moved some recent scar tissue from a fall and it immobilized his elbow. The pain shot into his arm like a knife. Swimming was impossible and he struggled to stay on his board. He tried making it to shore, but he was at the mercy of the waves. He fought for his life. He prayed to God. With the Lord´s help, the youth persevered. His life was spared. Could we be under trial and being tested too?

Everyone today is undergoing some kind of struggle. We fight to get ahead. We strive to succeed. We try to gain recognition. Sometimes we just try to survive in our complicated world. The real test though is not in what we can get here on earth. The real trial is if we will be standing with the Son of God when the struggle is finally over. The Scriptures make it clear to us that while we live out our days here, our caliber is being tested. What we are today, what we have, or what we can get our hands on now, will not matter. God wants to see that we are learning lessons of eternity! If we learn through our trials to lean on and love the Lord, then we can persevere. If we learn that our place is truly and completely with God, then we will receive our crown! Shall we pray for perseverance to seek and to find our Savior in the test of today?


Dear Lord,

Help us see that the real struggle we have now is to get near and stay near You! Help us persevere in our trial, we pray!


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