In Our Hearts

James 3:14 In Our Hearts

But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. James 3:14 NIV


A man worked himself up in the plumbing world. He worked hard and took care of his clients until the area where he lived began to depend on him. When he saw that a friend of his was struggling to find a good stable career, he offered to take him with him and teach him what he knew. But the friend still had too much pride or selfish ambition. He could not see himself working in that particular field of work. There were so many other things he thought were more interesting. The friend declined. Had that friend been wiser, he could have listened to the plumber and had a respectable career. He could have saved himself years of struggling through a series of dead-end jobs and unnecessary moves. Have we ever secretly harbored any selfish ambition in our hearts?

Whether or not we have ever blurted out something we will regret that demonstrates our secret love of self, we may need to recognize that those seeds do live within us. We cannot afford to downplay them or deny the truth. God can help us past our selfishness. He can set our feet on a high road with a bright and thrilling future. But first, we will need to come to Him. We will need to repent of our pride, envy, and greedy ambitions. But if and when we do, Christ will be there to pick us up. He will draw us close to Him. He will give us revelations of God and an awareness of His nearness. Who would like to set their eyes on the eternal and leave behind our bitterness and selfish traits? Could we all look to Jesus now?


Dear Lord,

Lift our eyes and our hearts above our pettiness and selfish little dreams. Let us focus on learning more of Your glory and drawing nearer to You each day. In Jesus´ name, we pray!


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