Love as Brothers

1st Peter 3:8 Love as Brothers

Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. 1st Peter 3:8 NIV


Their mother was doing the best she could as a single mom. She had to work a lot and it was difficult to keep two boys occupied with their time. When the oldest son finally got his driving license, their grandpa let them use his old car. It was a huge boat of a sedan that was not the most aesthetically pleasing. But it provided the two with just what the boys needed. It got them places. Whenever they could get away, the older boy took his younger brother and they drove up into the hills, the mountains, or the desert. The two were like best friends sharing, caring, and including each other in all their plans. Wouldn´t it be nice if we all could live in such harmony and love each other like brothers really should?

The years flew by and when those brothers became adults, they continued to be there for one another. God would love to say the same about us. He never stops encouraging us to love, to be unselfish, to be humble, and to be compassionate. Prophet and apostle alike, plead, beg, and call us to look into our hearts and examine how we treat the ones around us. We may not take our brothers or sisters camping each week. But perhaps we could start showing the kind of brotherly love that we are encouraged to seek. Let´s pray today that the Lord will open our hearts and fill us with His love so that we have His kind of love to give those near us!


Dear Lord,

Overwhelm us with the love You have shown us so that we are filled and overflowing that love to all our brothers and sisters in Christ, we pray!


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