God´s Mighty Hand

1st Peter 5:6 God´s Mighty Hand

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 1st Peter 5:6 NIV


The best part about the treehouse was the zip line. It ran from the deck down to another tree in the garden. But the youngest boy was too small to hold on to the pulley and make it down the line safely. One day some friends came over. An older boy came up with an idea. He sat down on the deck holding the pulley. He had the small boy wrap his arms and legs around him like a baby monkey holding onto its mother. Then they shoved off. The plan was to swing down the zip line holding the pulley with the little chap hanging on to his belly. It did not work! The extra weight was more than the bigger boy could hold. They fell. The larger boy landed flat on his back on the grass. The little guy was still clinging to his chest. They landed with a thump that knocked the wind out of both of them. Could we do with some help from the mighty hands of God?

We could be standing on top of the world or just be confidently on top of our game. But the call is for us to humble ourselves. If we can attain an attitude of need for our Savior, then the mighty hand of God can be activated. The Lord will lift us up in His time. Many of the problems that Christians face today are because they know they are saved and lose that state of needing Christ. All puffed up on ourselves, we think that our grip is sure. Shall we pray that we are saved from another painful fall and that we are filled with a good humble need to be with Jesus?


Dear Lord,

Let us keep a constant sense of our need to be in Your arms. Teach us to trust Your mighty hand and yearn to see You moving in power in our lives, we pray!


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