The New Home

2nd Peter 3:13 The New Home

But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness. 2nd Peter 3:13 NIV


In a beautiful setting in the hills far outside of town, two families bought neighboring farms. One man built a lovely cottage nestled in a peaceful hollow higher up in the hills while only a few kilometers away his friend built their headquarters overlooking a small picturesque dam. They continued investing their time and money in their places. They planted fields and built fences. But soon the dictator that ruled their country passed a law that all the terrorists that had fought with him in the rebellion could steal the land from the farmers and take all their possessions. The two families lost their savings, their dreams, and their hope for a future in their new homes. Have we still got a place to dream of today?

God has made a promise to the children who choose to live with Him. It is a big promise. They say a promise is only as trustworthy as the person who makes it. What character would be more trustworthy than the God of Love? He paid the heaviest price as a downpayment on our hearts and on our new Home. His sacrifice assures us that nothing on earth will ever steal away our hope if that hope is founded in Him. We can safely dream of being together with Him in Paradise forever! We can securely invest in all the beauty and every comfort if the home we choose is with Christ! Do we want to have the thrill of looking forward to our new place right at Jesus´ side forever?


Dear Lord,

Prepare for us the place that You promised. Let our spirits soar to know that Your Word is good and our future is sure! Give us hope in this time of stress and madness, we pray!


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