Grow in Knowledge

2nd Peter 3:18 Grow in Knowledge

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen. 2nd Peter 3:18 NIV


Riding his bike on a lonely road through some farmland, a teenager found a strange stick on the ground. He stopped his bike and picked it up. It was made of blue plastic and there were batteries in a handle on one end. The other end had two prongs. The boy recognized it instantly as a cattle prod. It had a big button to activate the electric shock. He looked this way and that. It had obviously fallen from a farmer´s truck that was long gone. So, he took it home. He showed it to his brothers proudly. They were also teenagers and curious. They knew it worked from the noise it made, but how would they know what kind of shock it gave if they did not try it? What do we do to grow in knowledge?

We probably do not need much of an imagination to guess at how the boys learned it the cattle prod worked. We might not even need a description as to how the other one jumped when they tried it on each other. But do we know how one can grow in the knowledge of Jesus? We could pick up the Bible and look at it. We could even examine it a little or listen to someone tell us what they think. But the only way we will ever grow to know the Savior is by the same way we get to know anyone else. We will need to go out of our way to engage with Him, talk with Him, and let a little contact with Him jolt us! When we actually do let Christ touch us, He can spark something in us and we will surely grow in knowledge! Shall we let God shock us with the wonder of His presence today?


Dear Lord,

We want to learn of You. Teach us, shock us, spark us with the thrill of coming to know You more each day, we pray!


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