To Be in the Light

1st John 2:9 To Be in the Light

Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness. 1st John 2:9 NIV


A new junior high school teacher came to work in a private church school. He was different not only in color but also in the way he taught. The school had a strict religious line and he was also strict, but his strictness was more in the military line. He taught his students to train their bodies and their minds for life. His faith in God was evident through his own conviction and the prayers he prayed over them for God´s guidance and presence. Yet he did not press his convictions on the children. He challenged them to seek out their Savior in their own lives. To do this, he drove them hard in sports training. They learned that hard work brought positive results Through sweat, tears, and effort, those children realized how much their teacher really cared for them and their chances in life. How do we know if we are in the Light?

The religious institution where the teacher worked eventually got rid of that teacher. Their excuse was that he was not the right fit. But his students remember him still, even though this happened a long time ago. The board may not have shown much brotherly love to a teacher who cared about his students. But the love he showed to his students was an investment in their lives and in their eternal welfare. If we would like to be remembered for something by those around us, what if we shot for something that has to do with how much we cared for others and how far we were willing to go to show them God´s love?


Dear Lord,

Let the love that You have shown us work its magic in our hearts. Let us be so filled that Your love pours out of us and marks the lives of those we come into contact with, we pray!



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