Love in Truth

1st John 3:18 Love in Truth

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1st John 3:18 NIV


She was not his mother. She was not the boy´s grandmother either. She was just an elderly lady that knew the child´s family. When the boy came to her country to go to boarding school, she made it her mission to care for him. She would visit him or have him visit her. She did special little things that she hoped he would like. She made him pastry treats that he loved. There was nobody asking her to go out of her way to look after the boy or to make him feel loved. It was just something she felt she wanted to do. Their relationship was comforting to the boy away from home. It was probably good for her too. How is it that we love these days?

Modern society has changed in so many ways. Perhaps one of the worst things that have happened in all of this “progress” is that the focus of our love has shifted. We are taught to love and to pamper ourselves. While we are so busy spoiling ourselves, we have little time to think of others. In fact, we have so little time that we hardly stop to think about truth either. We use words to talk of love or say we have it.  Jesus came to us on a mission. It was His job to show us what love is. He would show us how to reverse this downward trend in where to place our love. If we want to get our bearings again, a good look at Christ will do wonders for our condition. The more we focus on Him, the more we will come to know what love is and where to direct it. But we will need to stop talking and act. We could make that our mission today. Shall we pray that the Lord will teach us more than words and to seek His love in us?


Dear Lord,

Visit us in power! Sweep over us with such love that we are affected, filled and flowing over with Your love, we pray!


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