God´s Command

1st John 3:23 God´s Command

And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us. 1st John 3:23 NIV


A single mother reluctantly let her two little boys go on a camping trip in the desert. They went with their friend´s dad and his kids. After a few days though, the kids needed a break from their diet of imitation hot dogs. They were not bad, but they had no meat in them. The church they attended frowned on meat, so everyone bought these fake canned sausages. The father made sure that the kids were eating, but he did not spend the day preparing meals. So, to come up with an alternative plan for the menu, he opened up a can of ravioli. He spread the pasta out on bread to make sandwiches. When the kids went back home and their mother asked if they ate well. She was more than a little skeptical when she heard of the strange culinary invention. How do we swallow what God commanded us?

With all these rules to what the ingredients should be, it can become very complicated to see how we could ever please God. Some quit trying. But if we step back a little, perhaps even go camping, we might see that there are not so many rules. God curiously wraps many of his ingredients of faith into just a couple basic ones. Love encompasses many. God is love. His Son is also essential. Between that heavenly tasty sandwich of Christ and love, we can get a good portion of the nutrition God wants to feed on. We can grow us up into strong children of His Kingdom. Shall we ask for a heaping helping of the Son and love today?


Dear Lord,

Give us today our daily bread. Grow us up in faith on a diet of love and a double portion of our Savior, we pray!


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