Love Or Fear

1st John 4:18 Love Or Fear

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 1st John 4:18 NIV


One night, a farmer invited the kids that were visiting his ranch in Africa to go for a night drive to look for animals with a spotlight. He said that they could try to catch some springhares. When they asked what springhares were, he jokingly told them that they were baby lions. This struck fear in the heart of the little ones. But because it seemed like an adventure and they trusted Uncle Buck, they tried to hide their fears. When they spotted some eyes glowing in the beam of light, the children all jumped out of the vehicle. They started running through the tall grass hoping that if they did actually grab a baby lion, that its parents would not catch them. Do we come to God out of fear of judgment, or is it out of love?

It turned out that springhares are actually a type of rabbit that hops around on two legs like a kangaroo. The children had a ball that night trying to catch them even though they still kept a nervous eye out for big yellow cats. Christians are called to a fellowship of love unmatched anywhere in our universe. We are drawn into this relationship by the loving God who designed it all and keeps it all running. There are dangers, and often we are running outside of the Light. But, because God is love, we can trust Him. We can love one another without hesitation because in doing so, we show that God´s love has come into us. So, shall we leap at this exciting opportunity to grow in the love of God that will drive out all fear?


Dear Lord,

We know that we have not always walked with You. But please draw us into a loving relationship with You that will wipe away our fears and help us share Your love, we pray!



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