So That We Know

1st John 5:13 So That We Know

I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. 1st John 5:13 NIV


On an island in the Indian Ocean, a group of friends had been traveling all day, crammed in a small bus. They finally reached the Northernmost town where they were planning to stay only to find that the few accommodations that were available there were all full. They were standing around trying to decide what to do when a local boy overheard them. He told them that there was one more place they could try and that he would volunteer to run down a white sandy beach to the isolated camp to ask if there was room there. One of the travelers agreed to go with him. They took off their shoes and started running down the beach. After a few kilometers, they came to a small camp in a blue lagoon with thatched bungalows. A voice from one of the huts called out, “Welcome to paradise.” How far do we go to know the Lord?

Much of the Scripture, if not all of it, is written to people who had some knowledge of God. The problem is not that people do not know “of” Him, it is that we do not always know Him personally. Every prophet and even God´s own Son was sent to help us cross that gap from information to personal experience. Those travelers found a place to stay because they went out of their way to see for themselves. We too can climb on the boat when it comes around to fetch us. Or, we could set out running with our Guide today to experience our Lord in person so that we can know Him too!


Dear Lord,

We do not want to settle for someone just telling us of You. Help us do what it takes to come to meet You, to awaken our awareness of You, and to stand in awe before You, we pray!


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