According to God´s Will

1st John 5:14 According to God´s Will

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. 1st John 5:14


The boy fell in love with a girl from his high school. They started dating. She liked him too. But, eventually, her parents convinced her that she should not marry the first boy she ever dated. So they broke up. The teenage boy was sad. He still had feelings for her. He tried dating another girl. It did not go well. He maintained his friendship with the one he had originally fallen in love with. His prayer was that they would end up together. How do we approach God about the things that we set our hearts on?

The Bible tells us that God loves to give good gifts unto His children. All children love gifts. However, blessings from God that we ask for can turn into mere prizes or caprice for our personal gain. Then we may not be asking for them in His will. To ask for something in God´s will is to let God decide what things draw us closer to Him and what things do not. We should not keep asking God for something that He knows would steal our hearts away from Him. The boy in the story took his desire to the Lord and the Lord did grant him the girl. They are married now and have children. They are devoted Christians to this day. So when we pray, could we pray with the confidence and the sincerity that what we ask of God, He will give to us as He sees fit. We can be sure that if we trust Him to, whatever He decides to give us can bring us surely unto Him. Could we ask in according to God´s will now?


Dear Lord,

You know what is best for us. Whatever our hearts may go out to today, let us place before You. Give us only what You know will bring us into a deeper relationship with You and secure our place with You forever, we pray!



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