Walking With God

3rd John 1:4 Walking With God

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3rd John 1:4 NIV


It was the day of the week that they normally went to church, but they were very far from the nearest one. Along the banks of one of Africa´s great rivers, under immense acacia trees, a family made their way through the tall grass. They walked close together as this part of the forest was full of wild animals. They were walking in territory that belonged to the elephants, the cape buffalo, and the lions. Dangerous snakes thrived in the tall grass and every inlet or waterway that they crossed could be hiding a stealthy crocodile that was just waiting for a meal. Finally, the group came to a large fallen tree. They climbed up and sat all together on the trunk. From there, they had a great view of herds of antelope and elephants feeding under the shade of the spreading trees above them. The father smiled at his children that sat as if on a pew at church. He said, “Welcome to this beautiful sanctuary. Here we can really worship the Lord!” Is our walk one that brings us truly to God?

God´s wonderful creation does provide us with many beautiful chances to wonder after Him and adore Him. Those who have a comfortable seat in a church also get their chance to come before the Lord. We do not need to dispute which place is best. Any place where we can be with Christ can bring us our chance. Anytime we let our thoughts turn to Him can connect us with Him. Anywhere we go to seek the Spirit of the Lord can be our sanctuary. Shall we listen for a call in our hearts now to approach the Lord, to walk with Him and adore Him wherever we can today?


Dear Lord,

Let us step out of our busy schedules and seek You in our day. Let us walk with You in truth in our hearts, we pray!



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