A Faithful Friend

3rd John 1:5 A Faithful Friend

Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers, even though they are strangers to you. 3rd John 1:5


The brothers had all grown up and left their parent´s home. Life had taken them all in different directions. States, countries, and seas separated them now. Some had stopped going to church and forsaken the idea of having a relationship with a God that they could not see. But they had a friend. He too had wandered from the faith. He too had been lost in the dark times. But he was hearing the call of God to return. Deep in his heart, he knew that Christ was truly his only hope. The Savior was the only One who could bring us all together again. So he started praying. He started attending services when he could. He spoke to the brothers that he could. He encouraged them to remember the God they knew as children. Could there be someone somewhere praying for us?

How blessed is the friend who concerns himself for the eternal welfare of those he cares for? The person who helps another or is there for them here on earth is a blessing indeed. But one who goes to their knees for another, who wrestles with the powers that be for us, this is a true friend. We may not like to consider where we stand with God. But if we have a real friend, he or she will love us enough to bring our case to the Lord. Our God is mighty! He can and will still move in power. He can shake the foundations of our little world! What if we prayed to God today and thanked him for the friend who cares enough for us to pray for us? What if we too spent a moment in prayer for our brothers and sisters too?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for sending faithful friends who would approach You on our behalf. Be especially close to them, we pray!



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