Good is from God

3rd John 1:11 Good is from God

Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God. 3rd John 1:11 NIV


Visitors came to a ranch in their finer clothes for a worship service. Before the service started, the children wandered over towards the pool. As a prank, one kid nudged a smaller one and the little guy fell right into the water. The rest of the children just stood there watching. They expected the child to start swimming at any minute or at least reach out for the edge of the pool which was right there. But the child did nothing. He just held his breath with his arms stretched out on each side exactly as he had landed in the water. Just before he sank too deep to reach, the oldest boy finally stuck his arm in the water and grabbed the little child´s hair. He gently lifted him back to the surface where the other kids could help him pull the boy out of the pool safely. What deeds are we known for?

The little child that was pulled from the water thought that the oldest boy was his hero. He had saved his life because he could not swim. He did not think too much of the one who had shoved him in. We are all humans. Some of the things we do will be right and some will go wrong. When we spend more time with the Lord, His selfless nature begins to affect us. It rubs off on us the more we are caught up with Him. More and more of our nature, our actions and our thoughts, are tuned to the needs of others and not just ourselves. Good comes from being with the One who is truly Good, our Lord! Who would like to stand close to our Savior today and maybe be able to help some of God´s children in need too?


Dear Lord,

Let us come so close to You that Your love and kindness are seen flowing in and out of us too, we pray!



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