Made to Be

Revelation 1:6 Made to Be

and he made us to be a Kingdom, priests to his God and Father; to him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.  Revelation 1:6  WEB


The small family stood in a small ancient chapel. The held the baby as an elderly priest touched the baby in their arms. He had been the only priest who would put his blessing on the child. The family had spoken to others with no luck. But here they were, all gathered around. The walls of the old church were made of large stones but the amount of family love in the tiny sanctuary warmed all their hearts. The old man of God prayed over the child and the grandparents were well pleased. Have we ever struggled to find good, godly servants of the Lord in our day?

We do not need to search for someone to put their blessing on us. God has already sent the right person. He sent us His Son. Jesus was faithful and performed His ministry perfectly. God has exalted Him above all the other priests. Christ sits at God´s right hand. He is crowned King of all kings. We who believe in Him are His. We form His Kingdom. As we awaken to find Him moving in our hearts and filling us with His Spirit, we are made to be priests too. Anyone who raises Christ over man is promoted to the privileged position. Our Kingdom will outlast all others. This ministry that is given to us is not something that we achieve ourselves. It is a gift of faith from God. God can make us into His kind ministers who then bring blessings to the rest of the world. Would we like to be made into God´s children, His people, and His priests forever?


Dear Lord,

Here we are, take our lives and our hearts. Make us into Your followers to be moved by Your Spirit and become a blessing to others, we pray!



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