First Love

Revelation 2:4 First Love

But I have this against you, that you left your first love.  Revelation 2:4  WEB


The young woman loved to dance. She was good at it too. She had been good at rhythmic gymnastics until she found her passion for this art. Her parents soon put her in a dance academy. She did not mind at all to go to classes even while studying in high school and college. Then one year she got a call to work in another country. She would be able to make a living doing that what she liked most. It was a special time for her. While she was overseas, she met a young man. They fell in love and started a new life together. They changed the old jobs and moved closer to home. Children were born and life moved on. The woman still loved to dance, but there were hardly any moments left where she could find time for her old passion. Have we ever left our first love?

As Christians, we claim to have found Jesus and fallen in love with Him. This should be unlike the things of this world that we can love for a time, but move past and leave behind. Our newfound friendship, our newfound love affair with the Divine, can be taken with us wherever we go. Whatever job we have, Christ can be there with us. All the other relationships we have should be influenced by our love for our Lord. The love we have found in God should only enhance the love we feel for others. By spending time with the righteous One we love, we should become better people every day. There is no reason on earth why we should ever have to lose our first love if that love is in our Savior, Jesus Christ! Shall we fall in love with Him all over again today?


Dear Lord,

Fill our hearts with love for You! Make our walk with You so sweet that it keeps us in love with You forever, we pray!



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